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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Preston, Lancashire, England.

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Friday, March 12, 2010


Got up at 7am. Temperature inside Sherman was 66F (19C). Gotta love it! Made a coffee and tea, and drove into Bryceville only about 2 miles away. Parked up at the public library using their free internet, and having some breakfast.

We're headed for the Ocala area, but again, depending on the weather, we may continue further south. They're calling for thundreshowers throughout the day, but tomorrow is supposed to be nice. we'll play it by ear.

Today's trip plan

Well, we made it to Ocala...and it's been pouring rain all morning. And it's still raining. So we'll keep driving...

Now in "The Villages". A retirement community where all the old folks zip around in these golf cart things. Please don't ever let that happen to me. But, they have a nice scenic Walmart here, and apparently we can stay the night. There are no signs, but I went in to check and there was a big lineup at the customer service. I asked the welcome guy, and he said "well, everybody else does", but he acted like he didn't like the fact that RV's can park for the night. Can't seem to get any internet there, so we drove over to a nearby church and got an unsecured signal from somewhere.

Only 180 miles (288 kms) to Fort Myers. Temperature is 66F (19C) and the rain has stopped, but it's overcast. Supposed to be decent weather the next few days.

Here's one of those golf cart things that everbody drives around here...

They even have their own little cart paths that they drive on most of the time. Then they get on the roadway along with the cars. There are very few sidewalks, and we haven't seen anybody walking. They all drive their lazy butts everywhere. Lots of cars around too. Cars and golfcarts. Why walk or bike, when you can drive?

Can't believe the deals we got at Walmart. Ruth bought a neat little backpack for $5. Yes, five dollars. And she needed a new pair of sandals, so got a nice pair for $25. Most things are a lot cheaper down here. And only 7% tax, instead of 13% like back in Ontario.

Here's the view out our window this evening...

Distance driven today: 131 miles (210 kms)
Distance driven total: 1,587 miles (2,540 kms)

March fuel: $438.25
March Groceries: $137.86
March overnight: $5.25
March Misc: $78.17

(Note: prices are in CAN dollars, although the exchange rate is almost even right now anyhow)

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  1. According to NWS radar it's raining all the way to Naples and looks like it's going to do it all day.



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