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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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Friday, March 10, 2023

Today's blog post written by granddaughter Sadie (age 9)

Day 3. Oh, day 3,

We got breakfast, but I couldn't have it because my mom said "No cheese, no milk, no butter". So I had an omelet, then it was good. 

After breakfast, we went to Ouzod Falls again. BUT!!

We went the other way. It was good at first.

Grandma, Mom, Cameron, and me!

Path along the top of the canyon.

It was good at first for a little while, but then it got high up and slippery, rocky, and scary. High up yah, and I had anxiety the whole time. I cried a little because we were so, so, high up and I didn't want to fall. At the end, there was a BIG BIG cave. 

Cameron, doing some exploring.

Me, and my brother Cameron!

Me, on the trail.

It was really steep!

There were some funny ladders we had to use.

Me, and my grandma.

I needed some help sometimes!

My mom.

Me, in a small part of the cave.

Grandma, Grandpa, and Cameron.

The cave was so big, about 150 people could fit in it. 

Me, Grandpa, and Cameron.

My brother.


But we had to go back because we had to have lunch, but we saw the monkeys again. So funny. Then we had to go back for lunch. So sad. After lunch, Grandpa slept and Grandma, Mom, Cameron and me went to the store. So cool we saw the monkeys again. They pulled on my mom's hair. So funny.

Looking down.

The trail.

Looking down.

We stopped for orange juice.
It was yummy.

Cameron with the monkey.

Me with the monkey.

Today we drive to another place.


And in Canada...


  1. What a fun post by Sadie! I really enjoyed it. Tell Sadie that she can post here anytime!

    1. We will let her know, and hopefully you will see at least one more post from her and hopefully one or two from Cameron.

  2. ok Sadie, That was a great post. Tell Kevin he's fired.

    1. Lol, Kevin is sad that he might be out of a job! :-P


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