At the temple ruins in Ayutthaya, Thailand.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ayutthaya, Thailand.

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Friday, March 24, 2023

The case of the missing SIM card

Lindsey and the kids came over at 6:00am Thursday morning so that we could drive them the short distance to the airport and then say goodbye.

Lindsey had borrowed an electrical adapter from us so she could keep her phone charged. She had also borrowed one of my two Moroccan SIM cards so that she could be online during their time here. When they arrived, we switched the SIM cards and I put her Canadian one in my wallet, where I have always kept various SIM cards when we travel to different countries.

So, we remembered the electrical adapter and to switch the SIM cards back. I got my wallet to get her SIM card out... and it wasn't there! My Spanish SIM card was there, but not hers. Very strange. I checked the pockets of my jeans, and the shorts that I have worn during their time here. But no SIM card.

All we could think is that it somehow fell out when I went to pay for gas or groceries or something.

Anyhow, we said our goodbyes...

6:30am ussie at the airport.

From there, Ruth and I went into the nearby town of Deroua where there was supposed to be a laundromat. And there was... but it was not a self serve place, it was more like the Mexican style of lavanderia where you drop your clothes off and they do everything.

She weighed everything, and gave us a price of 80 dirhams ($10.75 CAD, $7.75 USD), which was better than we expected considering it included our bedding and my heavy sweater. And told us it would be ready in two hours. Perfect!

We went back just before noon to pick things up. Everything clean, folded, and wrapped. Very nice. We paid the lady and carried everything back to Max. 

Two minutes later, the lady from the laundry is knocking on our door. And what is in her hand? 

Lindsey's missing SIM card!

I guess she had checked all of the pockets, and found it in the pocket of my heavy sweater. I remembered that I had in fact put my wallet in my sweater pocket at some point while we were up in the mountains during the first part of their time here.

So there's that mystery solved! Unfortunately it doesn't make sense to try to send it back to her. She'll need to get another one well before it would arrive at her place if we mailed it.

With laundry done, we hit the road towards Rabat.

Scenery along the way.

We came across a bad accident. 

The road was closed, and the detour was quite long. We decided to pull over nearby and have some lunch. By the time we finished they had opened up a section where we could get by.

Didn't take that many photos. Not the most scenic area really, and I guess that's why there aren't many places worthwhile enough for campers to stay along the way. 

As you enter Rabat, everything is nicely manicured.

We were in Rabat for a day in April 2017. Rabat is the capital city of Morocco, and it's also where the king lives at the Royal Palace. So it's understandable that things are kept a little tidier here.

This road has a lot of foreign embassies.

But, we had no desire to go into the city again. We were just looking for somewhere on the outskirts to spend the night as we pass through.

It was just the other day that we switched over to Max's second propane tank. So we know that we have more than enough to get us back to Spain now that we are heading back there earlier than originally planned. So with no need to be plugged in to electricity, we can try to find free camping spots along the way.

Max, parked at GPS 33.905473, -6.840438

It's actually quite a nice spot, so we think we'll stay two nights and just take a relax day today. It's located on the outskirts of Rabat and across the road is some kind of equestrian training center with military types out riding horses. They even pass right by where we are parked. Quite a few reviews for this location on the park4night app saying that they had approval from local police to stay, so we'll be fine here.

Weather is perfect... sunny with cloudy periods and a high of 23C (73F).

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  1. I think most people are good human beings but we've been led to believe that most are not. It looks like the kids are having a really great time. Have fun!

    1. We totally believe that most people are good people and you definitely see that when you travel, it's just that the bad ones are the ones that get the attention and news coverage. We think it was amazing that the laundry lady was able to find that teeny tiny little SIM card!

      They did have a really fun time al least for most of the trip, not so much when they weren't feeling well though.


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