In Norway, June of 2022.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Manotick (Ottawa), Ontario. Canada.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Greenwich, Nova Scotia, Canada on October 3rd.

Saturday, March 4, 2023

Now that's a chicken lunch!

Friday morning we walked into the small city of Taroudant (pop 80,000). The center of town is located about 4 kms (2.5 miles) from the campground, so it was a decent walk.

First on the agenda was to find an ATM. Our Canadian bank has an agreement with BCMI bank here in Morocco for no ATM fees, and there is a BCMI location here, so that's where we headed.

We're down to one ATM card now since mine was eaten by a machine in Tiznit. This makes us a little nervous, but the transaction went smoothly. There was a maximum limit of 2,000 dirham ($262 CAD, $193 USD) so we did it twice to stock up on cash. 

When they built this road, they left the big palm tree in the road.

Entrance to the medina.

The medina wall.

Guy selling kiwis and strawberries.

Scenery along the way.

Next stop was the Inwi cellular store to replenish our cellular internet. With Lindsey and the kids coming we know that we will be staying in a lot of places that have WiFi, so we only put 20 GB of data on for the month. Cost was 200 dirham ($26 CAD, $19 USD) and if we need more we can buy it in 5 GB blocks.

Fancy storefront.

The medina wall was built in 1528, almost five hundred years ago.

Pouring tea statue.

There was one section where we could climb up on the wall for a view.

I had read that the medina walls are all original.

We picked up a few groceries and then walked back to a "fast food" takeout place that had roast chickens on the go. We bought a whole roast chicken and the guy asked if we wanted all the fixings with salad and fries and everything. So we agreed.

That's a nice looking chicken!
He wrapped everything up to go.

Next stop was a fruit and veggie shop.

So we go in to pay the bill, and we see that this fruit and veggie store also does chicken. Fresh chicken.

Very fresh chicken!

I had handed the guy my phone and asked if he could take a picture of the chickens. He had a sense of humor, and also took a photo of the funny tourists who wanted the chicken photo!

Funny tourists.

One thing about Morocco (along with Mexico, Turkiye, and Tanzania) is that the locals are very friendly and welcoming.

We walked back home and had a big lunch!

Now that's a chicken lunch!
There was enough food for four people!
Total cost 100 dirhams ($13 CAD, $9.60 USD).

So we've got leftovers and of course Ruth will make a nice chicken soup as well that will do a couple more lunches.

Too packed in.

Glad we're out of here this morning. This campground is far too crowded for our liking.

We're headed north towards Marrakech. We're taking another twisty curvy mountain road that offers fantastic views. We're pretty close to sea level where we are, but will be spending the night somewhere up around 2,100 meters (7,000'). And then on to Marrakech tomorrow. We're not going into the city at all, just to a big Carrefour grocery store on the outskirts. We'll go into the city later this month towards the end of Lindsey's visit.

5G WiFi Projector. On sale, plus there is a $30 off coupon showing.

And in Canada...


  1. For a city of 80,000, it looks very empty. The market looks excellent. But where are all the people? Were you out exceptionally early? Looks like the only place that was crowded was your campground.

    1. Outside the medina walls it was fairly empty looking but in the medina it was busy enough, although I do remember saying the Kevin at one point that it seemed quiet but then again, I remember us having to side step a fair bit to avoid the bicycles and such in the streets. We didn't take as many pictures inside the medina. And, no it wasn't exceptionally early but we have noticed that things tended to get busier after lunch.

  2. That sure was a nice chicken lunch, and a great price. Yum! The fruit and veg shop reminded me so much of Mexico, even down to the little plastic baskets for collecting your "loot". Wish we had this type of place in the US.

    1. It was a delicious chicken lunch. We had enough chicken leftover for another meal the next night and a big pot of soup that will last for a few days. I think we got great value out of that meal.

      Yes, the fruit and veggie shops do remind us of Mexico too, especially with the plastic bowls. Having said that, we have never seen live chickens in the same shop as the fruits and veggies, with the fresh chicken guy!


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