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Wednesday, March 1, 2023

What did it cost for our long weekend in Canary Islands?

After a record breaking high expense month like January was, it's refreshing to see our February expenses back to what we consider normal.

There were no surprises... well, except for a last minute long weekend to Canary Islands! We'll break down exactly how much that long weekend cost in the details below.

We spent a total of $1,789 CAD ($1,314 USD) for the month. And yes, that includes our long weekend in Canary Islands! 

Here's how it all broke down... (the following figures are all in $CAD).

Fuel: We spent $268 on diesel fuel for Max. But the last fill up was just the other day, and Max's tank is still more than 3/4 full, so we are going into March with a bit of a credit in this department. But that's actually a good thing because we have a lot of driving to do in March.

We had a beautiful blue sky yesterday!

Toll Roads: When we returned from Mauritania, we took the toll road out of Casablanca on February 1st. Total cost was $14.62.

Groceries: A total of $441. We arrived back to Max and an empty fridge on February 1st, so we had a lot of stocking up to do right at the beginning of the month. And, groceries are more expensive in Morocco that we thought they might be. 

Meals out: As you know, we don't eat out very often. But in February, we enjoyed $182 worth of fine dining with friends Bob and Denise in the Canary Islands. And, we had an octopus tajine lunch one day for $20. Total of $202 in this category.

Alcohol: We haven't been drinking much while in Morocco. Booze is a little hard to find here, and it's not that cheap either. So we've just been using up what little we brought over with us from Spain. We did buy two bottles of wine in Canary Islands for a total of $4.00!

Miscellaneous: Total of $142. Half of that was for cellular access, at $79 for the month. The rest was laundry, airport parking, and a few minor items.

Entertainment: Hiking is free, and that was our entertainment for the month. We did spend $7.80 on the museum visit the other day.

Overnight: We've been staying in campgrounds in Morocco in order to have electrical hookups to preserve our propane. The campgrounds are relatively cheap, but they add up over a month. We also had three nights of paid accommodation in the Canary Islands. Total for the month was $388. Our three nights on Tenerife cost $132, and the balance of $256 was campgrounds.

Motorhome: Our monthly expense of $235 is for Max's insurance and registration that was paid in full last year but expensed monthly to give you a more accurate idea of our monthly costs.

Travel: $85 total for our Ryanair flights from Agadir Morocco to Santa Cruz, Tenerife and return. 

So, a total of $1,789 CAD ($1,314 USD).

I added up the costs that were strictly related to our long weekend away. Including flights, accommodation, meals, and airport parking for Max, it came to $457 CAD ($336 USD). Money well spent! It was definitely our highlight of the month and we had such a good time with Bob and Denise.

March is going to be an expensive month though. We've got our daughter and the grandkids coming over next week, so we'll be treating it as a holiday and doing things that we don't normally do. Also, being the good grandparents that we are, we paid for their flights!

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And in Canada...


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    1. It was a good month! We enjoyed most of it and saw some interesting things but definitely the highlight of the month was the Canary Islands. :-)


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