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Sunday, March 5, 2023

Crazy mountain road!

The road through the Tizi n' Test mountain pass was built by French engineers between 1928 and 1932. It was the first modern access from Marrakech to Taroudant, although now there is a highway through the plains from Marrakech to Agadir that most people take. So the mountain pass road isn't well maintained.

Rockslides and avalanches are common. No way I would attempt this road during bad weather, or even on a rainy day. 

Much of the upper section of the road is in rough shape and there are often no guard rails. There is a 500 meter drop off the side. It's also often only wide enough for one vehicle and if you meet something coming the other way one of you may have to back up. If you suffer from vertigo or have a fear of heights, this road is not for you!

Saturday morning, we drove the road north departing from Taroudant. Be warned... lots of photos in today's post, and even three videos.

Speaking of narrow roads, this is the road outside the campground.

Yes, this is a two lane road!

If you don't see a loaded donkey, you see a loaded bicycle.

We are headed up there!

Bikes for sale.

Fortunately, we picked a gorgeous day for the drive.

The first part of the road is wide enough for two vehicles and is in good shape.

Scenery along the way.


It doesn't take long to start to get some nice views.

The road climbs from the plains at 200 meters (700') up to the top of the pass at 2,100 meters (7,000').

The scenery is spectacular.


About 3/4 of the way up, the road deteriorates.

Looking down.

Ruth took 3 videos during the drive. Here is number one...

Scenery along the way.

Looking down on the road we came up.

Weird rock formation.
And you actually drive under it.

Ruth took video number 2...

View looking off the driver's side.

The road we came up on.

Max, and the view.

A motorhome coming the other way!
Fortunately, we saw him coming and I was able to pull to the side at a convenient spot.

Leftovers from the storm two weeks ago.

Starting to go down the other side.

The road on the north side of the pass is recently paved and in good condition.
It's still narrow in places, and there still aren't many guard rails, but the road surface is good.

Wow. We said that a few times during the drive!

Max found a great spot to stop for an extended lunch with a view.

While we sat there for about two hours, we watched traffic pick up. So glad that we did the narrowest sections in the morning. Traffic was heaviest heading north to south, the opposite of what we were doing. We saw probably ten motorhomes headed in the opposite directions, while only two or three in the same direction as us.

The road heading down.

Scenery along the way.

Just gorgeous.

Here is video number three...

As we dropped lower down we came across the first of several small communities.

Part way down, the road deteriorated again. Wide enough to easily pass, but the paved section was only a strip in the middle enough for one vehicle. Quite a lot more traffic between the villages, so you're constantly having to slow down to let someone pass. And of course cars and motorcycles who wanted to pass us going in the same direction.

Mountain run off.

It's always interesting seeing the local transportation system.

Public transit in rural Morocco.

Max found himself a nice overnight spot about 80 kms (50 miles) from Marrakech.
GPS 31.099897, -8.138129

Today, we drive to Marrakech. 

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And in Canada...


  1. Replies
    1. It was a great spot for the night, so so quiet!

  2. Wow. Great trip, glad you survived....thanks for all the photos. Lovely to see snow up high and palms down below. Seems ideal.

    1. It was an excellent drive, we totally loved it. There was such beautiful scenery along the way and we agree, snow in the mountains and palms below, it just about perfect as long as the snow isn't on the roads!

  3. great drive and videos. Aren't you glad you didnt meet any big transports on a curve.

    1. Thanks! Yes, we are glad we didn't meet anything too big on that road, at least we saw that other motorhome in time that we were able to just wait for it to pass before we continued on. We didn't see any big transport trucks on that road but while we were sat having our lunch we did see a full size bus go by!


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