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Wednesday, March 15, 2023

The Ouarzazate Kasbah

We set off walking from the campground to the central area of Ouarzazate. Not a very scenic walk, through a lot of garbage and old building construction material.

Unfortunately Cameron wasn't feeling well, and half way there we put him and Ruth into a taxi and sent them back to the campground.

Lindsey, Sadie, and I continued on to the Kasbah... 

The Kasbah in Ouarzazate.

The Kasbah is a historical fortified residential building built in the mid 1800's. A large part of it is recently restored and is a UNESCO listed world heritage site. 

It costs only 20 dirhams ($2.60 CAD, $1.95 USD) per adult, and Sadie was free. But then once you get inside, you are hit up by guides who ask for 150 dirham ($20 CAD, $14.50 USD) for a 45 minute tour. They weren't too aggressive though, and we had no problem saying no.

Inside though, there's really not a lot to see, although you could spend hours exploring the many different empty rooms that all look the same.


Other tourists exploring the rooftops.

More tourists.

Ouarzazate is on the main tourist route between Marrakech and the Sahara Desert. This is the most tourists we've seen since we arrived in Morocco.

But the interior all looks like this, with many different smaller rooms.
There's really not that much to see.

Lindsey and Sadie.

Me, opposite them!

View of the tourist area outside the Kasbah.

Lindsey saw a shop where we bought some dates.

Lots of different specialty varieties.

We found a little spot to have some lunch. There was a big menu sign with prices, but it was all in Arabic. The guy handed me a menu that was in French, but I couldn't get any of the prices to match up to the Arabic one. I remember from our visit here in 2017, that it's very common in tourist areas to have a separate menu with ripoff tourist pricing. I asked him how much for a whole roast chicken and he wanted 160 dirham. Last time we got a whole chicken deal with all the fixings for 100 dirham. So we moved on.

A little further down the road we came to another guy. He was 110 dirham, so we sat down and had some food.

Whole roast chicken.

With full stomachs, we packed up the leftovers and brought them back to Max. It's make for some good chicken soup!

Sadie wanted to take the local bus back to the campground. Lindsey had found out where the stop was, but it was a little difficult knowing which bus to take! A lady waiting spoke some English though, and she made sure we got on the right bus. Cost was 4 dirham ($0.53 CAD, $0.39 USD) per adult, and Sadie was free.

Back at the campground, we found that Cameron was feeling a little better, but his stomach not quite right. (This morning, he seems back to normal).

Back at the campground we played some yahtzee and LCR.

Today, we head into the Sahara Desert!


And in Canada...

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  1. Rock the Kasbah! (Remember that song?) Looks attractive, and the chicken looked good too. Glad Cameron is feeling better!

    1. Lol yes, we remember that song quite well!

      The kasbah did look quite nice, I am sorry that both Cameron and I missed it. We got the leftovers of the chicken and it was still good but of course the others had the chicken when it was nice a fresh and they said it was great.

      Overall Cameron is doing better but he still has no appetite, we think that maybe he is having a problem with the heat and of course being car sick would not have helped. Hopefully he will be back to normal in a day or two.


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