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Sunday, March 26, 2023

One last campground in Morocco

Saturday, we drove from the capital city of Rabat to the coast just south of Tangier. We were looking for one last campground to empty Max's tanks, but there wasn't much choice. We would have wanted to see the small coastal city of Asilah, but the two campgrounds located there both got horrible reviews.

So we chose a place about 14 kms north of Asilah and that turned out to be a good decision.

A few of these pretty birds greeted us when we woke up...

An African blue tit.

Once again, we saw what a nice modern city Rabat is. Admittedly, we were driving through a more upscale area, but we had the same impression when we visited the area more extensively in 2017. 

We drove by the American Embassy in Rabat.
Not the most attractive building, but apparently most of it is underground.
It cost $181M to build in 2014.
Never did see the Canadian one.

Scenery along the way.

A lot of new and interesting structures at the Rabat University.

Still on the hunt for gluten free bread, we stopped at a big Marjane shopping mall. The last couple of times we've tried, they've been completely sold out, but this time we were lucky and managed to pick up a couple of loaves.

We took the toll road most of the way. It's not that expensive, and there's not much to see on the free road anyhow. Lots of farming...

These people do not get paid enough!

On the road in Morocco.

Stork condominium project!

Traffic circle monument.

We pulled in to Camping Tahadart at just after 1:00pm. A nice enough spot, with large sites, separated by shrubs and trees. We didn't need electric, so the price was 60 dirham ($8.00 CAD, $5.85 USD) per night. And they had a washing machine available for 30 dirham ($4.00 CAD, $2.92 USD) so we took advantage of that as well. Had showers, emptied the holding tanks, and had a good night sleep.

Max, at Camping Tahadart.

One of the few campsites we've been to where they're actually doing some repairs and renovations to make it better. 

Here is the route of yesterday's drive... 

This morning, we are headed back to Spain! Up early to get to the ferry at a decent hour.

Record low deal on this Samsung Curved Computer Monitor.

And in Canada...


  1. Thanks for you work in posting! I am enjoying the trip vicariously, not ever having been there, nor am I likely to go. Safe travels!

    1. You are more than welcome, we are glad that you have enjoyed following along on our adventures and that we could let you see a part of the world that you haven't been too. We enjoyed our time in Morocco but now we are really looking forward to exploring more of Spain, a country that we really love.


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