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Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Not much longer!

By road. 

It seems funny that we were at Marrakech airport, and we drove to Casablanca airport. Wouldn't you just fly? But we were only there for the cheap secure parking. And, it was along our route.

Trying to avoid the crazy Marrakech traffic, we got up and drove right away to do the 10 kms (6 miles) or so to the big Carrefour superstore. In hindsight, we would have been better off waiting until after 9am, but then we would have been later finishing than we wanted to be.

Despite the craziness, we made it to the Carrefour exactly when they opened at 8:30am. We had some breakfast before going in though.

The idea was to stock up on as much stuff as we could that isn't easy to get in the smaller stores. We ended up spending over $200 CAD because we're going to be feeding five people most meals, although Lindsey and the kids get breakfast included with most of their accommodation. 

Wine and beer isn't the easiest to get here in Morocco, but this store had an alcohol room. We bought six bottles of wine, and six large cans of beer. Total was 287 dirham ($37.50 CAD, $28 USD). Cheaper than Canada, but quite a lot more than Spain.

And, I went to the bank to get some more cash. The accommodations will need to be paid for in cash.

Daughter Lindsey is also gluten intolerant and unfortunately the Carrefour was out of gluten free bread. I knew there was a Marjane store1.5 kms away, so I set off walking and came back with 8 loaves of bread!

And then we were off to Casablanca airport. We've done a ton of slow going curvy roads lately, so I decided to relax and take the toll road the whole way. With Max's cruise control set at 90 km/h (54 mph) it was an easy drive.

Scenery along the way.
No idea what those orange flowers are.

Beautiful toll highway.

Nice to see some green!

More fields of orange.

Filled up Max's fuel tank at 12.76 dirhams ($1.68 CAD) per liter. About $4.65 USD per gallon.

Nice leisurely drive, but a little boring. Toll fee came to 120 dirham ($15.75 CAD, $11.50 USD) for the two and a half hour drive.

Got ourselves parked up at Casablanca airport and had a quiet night. This morning, we wait. Not much longer though, because they arrive in about an hour! 

24" Smart TV. Super cheap!

And in Canada...


  1. Glad you got what you needed. I too am curious about the orange flowers, but you two seem to be fast travelers so I'll probably never know! You do cover a lot of ground, Impressive.

    1. We believe that the orange flowers are wild marigolds, we see them in many places along the road sides but also fields of them. They use the flowers here in traditional medicines.

      Lol, it is funny that you consider us to be fast travelers because we consider ourselves as slow travelers. We are here in Morocco for 3 months, most people spend only a few weeks here and try to see everything, whereas we still don't try to see everything to ais one the tourist path because we see lots of the off the beaten path places instead. We have to admit that in the last couple of days we have covered more ground than normal because of needing to be at the Casablanca airport to pick up our daughter and grandchildren plus the plains themselves, really have nothing to offer in ways of interesting places to stop and visit.

    2. Now that I think about it, you are slow travelers! Lots of people do spend a week somewhere and it's over. And you do have an idea about the flowers after all!! Sounds to me like you made a good guess on them. I hope you have a great time with famly and you enjoy yourselves mightily.

    3. We really like to try and explore the places we visit, especially the off the beaten path places. There are days were we do just drive but normally it isn't very far, other days if we have a time line we do have to cover a little more ground than normal. The only time we do "all day" drives would be days where our road is very slow moving. Normally we don't like to do more than120km (75mi) or so in a day. For us to do 300km (185mi) would be a very big driving day for us!

      When we see things that we don't know about we try to research it online, it helps to broaden our minds. :-)


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