The backyard where we are housesitting near, Stamullen, Ireland.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Stamullen, Ireland.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Back to the Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland!

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Spent some time planning our route through Spain

Friday was just a nice quiet day. We went for a stroll around the area in the morning, and just did some puttering around in the afternoon and played some backgammon.

Here are some photos from our stroll...

This grasshopper like thing was huge... about 4" long.
When it flew, we thought it was a small bird!

A little tortoise.

He wasn't much bigger than the grasshopper!

Ruth, with a statue made of horse shoes.

Goats and sheep wandering by.

And people on horses.

Spent some time online planning our route through Spain. We think we're going to head to Seville first. We've been there before, in 2017 but we really like Seville so we want to go again. Then, Cordoba, and Madrid, neither of which we have ever been to. Then north to Bilbao where we take the ferry to Ireland on May 7th.

We definitely want to see those three cities, however only for a short time. And the route we take in between them is not written in stone. We also will be getting back into our hiking routine which we feel like we've been a little lax on.

Our (very approximate!) route through Spain.

Today, we will drive about 225 kms (140 miles) north up the coast. It's mostly on toll roads, so should be an easy drive.

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  1. We have those awful, huge grasshoppers here in NC. They are huge pests and eat garden veggies, flowers, whatever. They do look like birds when they fly. Horrible creatures!

    1. I think we may have seen one or two in North Carolina a number of years back and yes they are big and very similar to this one here in Morocco. I think the one we saw here is call a Moroccan Locust which is a type of grasshopper and they are probably a menace here as well!


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