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Thursday, March 23, 2023

On our own again

Lindsey and the kids took a taxi from their guesthouse in central Morocco to meet us at Max where we were parked near the shopping mall. There was one more thing they needed to do before leaving Marrakech... ride a camel!

Our desert camel excursion had been cancelled because they were all ill. But in touristy Marrakech, there are guys with camels set up on a few different street corners. 

And one of them was right across from where we were parked!

Lindsey and Sadie on one camel.

And Cameron on another by himself.

I took a video of them getting on. It's pretty funny...

Lindsey and Sadie.

And Cameron.

The guy took them for a ride. I think by the time they were done they were glad they didn't have to ride a camel for two hours in the desert. I remember when Ruth and I did it... it's not as easy as you'd think!

Baby camel.

Of course Ruth had to pet the baby camel.

Coming back from their camel ride.

Then we hopped in Max for the drive to Casablanca Airport. On the way out, we stopped at a huge Marjane superstore, specifically to get some gluten free bread. Unfortunately, they were sold out. 

We continued out of town and onto the toll road that runs between Marrakech and Casablanca. It's a bit of a dull drive, and we only did it two and half weeks ago when we came this way to pick them up. So I didn't take any photos.

We arrived at the Relax Airport Hotel where we had booked a room for Lindsey and the kids. The guy at the desk said we could stay in their parking lot, no problem.

The kids wanted to go for a swim.

Cameron, walking on water.

He said it was cold, but he did get in.

Sadie paddled around in the shallow end.

Max in his spot for the night.

Ussie with Grandpa.

This morning, we were up at 6:00am to take them to the airport and say goodye.

Saying goodbye at the airport.

Well, despite the four or five days of illness in the desert, it was a good trip and we saw and did a lot of things. We'll do it again in another country, hopefully soon! And, of course we'll see them all again when we return to Canada in September or October.

So, we're on our own again. Today, we need to find somewhere to do some laundry, and then we will begin meandering our way up to the ferry to Spain at Tanger Med. We're not in a rush, so we'll probably take four or five days to do it. 

Record low deal on the big Ecoflow Max Portable Power Station.

And in Canada...

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