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Friday, September 30, 2022

We love visiting castles!

So with our new English Heritage pass in hand, Helen drove us all over to Old Wardour Castle near Tisbury, England. 

Just to give you some basic history of the building... Old Wardour Castle was built in the 1390's. It was partially destroyed and abandoned during the English Civil War of 1644. 

In the 1760s the owner was the 8th Lord Arundell. He built a country house, New Wardour Castle, nearby, and turned Old Wardour into a picturesque park of ruins, lake and woodland.

Old Wardour Castle.

At the entrance gate, the attendant gave us a brief overview of the history. One interesting thing at this castle is that it was 5 stories high. The original flooring was wood, which is long gone. But in 1979 they installed solid concrete floors in some sections partly because the walls were starting to collapse and installing floors would fix that problem and also give visitors access to the upper floors.

Another interesting bit of info... the property was used as a filming location for the 1991 movie Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves with Kevin Costner and Morgan Freeman.

Entrance to Old Wardour Castle.

Ruth, on the original 1390's staircase.

Helen coming into the Grand Hall.

Another staircase.

If you click this photo to make it full size, then click again to zoom, you can see the detail of the flowered decorations on the walls.

View from the top floor at the rear of the castle.

The rear of the castle was severely damaged by a gunpowder explosion in 1644. It did a lot of damage as you will see from the exterior photos down below.

Looking down into the octagonal courtyard.

Zoomed in on New Wardour Castle in the distance.
New Wardour Castle was built in the 1770's.

Looking down.

On the top floor.

View from the top floor.

The destroyed rear section of the castle.

And from another angle.

Nice backyard!

Just for fun, in the evening we watched the 1991 movie Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves with Kevin Costner and Morgan Freeman. We had all seen it before, but it was many years ago. Anyhow, it made it all the more interesting picking out scenes that were shot in and around the castle. 

Going to try and get out for a power walk this morning, but it's clouding over quickly and they're calling for rain starting just before lunch.


And in Canada...

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  1. English countryside is always so good to see, huge mature trees, nicely manicured lawns, rolling hillsides, and lots of places to walk. Enjoy it all and welcome back to Albania tomorrow.

    1. we love the English countryside with it's green rolling hills and all the fields sectioned off with the hedges, there is just something special about it. Definitely lots of places for walking. :-)

      Thank you, we are looking forward to showing off Albania to Helen and Tony, we are going to have a fun few weeks with them.


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