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Friday, September 9, 2022

Back to the old neighborhood

We headed to the Ottawa suburb of Orleans yesterday afternoon. This is where we lived and brought up our family for about 18 years from 1989 to 2007. We actually lived at three different places during that time, but the most recent and longest one was the house we bought and owned from 1993 to 2007.

But first, we made a stop at the bank.

And in the parking lot was a brand new 2023 Chevy Corvette...

Pretty impressive!

So we were at the bank to open a simple savings account. When we had moved our banking from TD to Scotiabank a few years ago, there was no point in having a separate savings account because interest rates were pretty much zero. But now in a rising interest rate environment, it is starting to become worthwhile. 

I had tried to do it all online, but we wanted it to be a joint savings account like our other accounts, and the online system said that could only be done at a branch. 

So I figured we just had to walk up to a teller and ask for it. After all, I could have done it online in less than five minutes if the system would have let me, so it can't be that complicated, right? 

But no. We were supposed to have an appointment to see an advisor. They managed to get us to see someone right then and there, but when we sat down with her she said we couldn't do it because we weren't from that area. I didn't believe that, and she went to check with her supervisor. Sure enough, she ended up doing it, but it was a lot more complicated and time consuming than it needed to be for something that should have been able to be done online in five minutes.

With that done, we took a drive by the street we used to live on.

Our house in 2007.

Our house now.
You can't even see it because the trees are huge!

As we turned the corner, we were following a red van. We arrived at the house and the red van turned into the driveway! We hadn't planned on speaking to the owners, but since they just arrived, we went over and said hello. The lady was friendly, and we ended up talking about the house and the neighborhood for a half an hour or so! We sold the house in 2007, and they bought in 2012 so someone else owned it for five years in between. Glad we stopped by.

Then it was over to a friend Ruth used to work with years ago. We were only there for an hour and half and we were having lots of fun conversation and  the time went by way too quickly. We'll have to plan for more time with them when return next year.

Then it was off to my younger sister's for dinner.

Kevin, Ruth, Marshal, Alison.

So we spent a couple of hours catching up with my sister Alison and her son Marshal. Hopefully we'll see one or both of them should they decide to visit us where ever we happen to be this coming winter.

And there is more visiting going on today! I have a friend coming over this morning, then off to my Mom's one last time, then meeting blog readers at a nearby pub for a pint or two.

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And in Canada...

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