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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Nouakchott, Mauritania.

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Monday, September 12, 2022

Arrived in London, England

Our British Airways flight from Amsterdam to London was right on time. That was the 8th different airplane we've been on since August 5th, and other than a couple of minor delays, they have all gone smoothly. 

So considering the horror stories we all read about with regards to flight delays and cancellations this summer, I guess we were pretty lucky. Especially considering we connected through both Amsterdam and Toronto airports which were two of the worst offenders.

Only one thing that kind of irked me with this British Airways flight. 

We were in boarding group number 5. As soon as we got called for boarding they told us all that we would have to check our carry on bags. This is not a problem, it's really just a minor inconvenience and we normally don't mind. If the overhead bins are full, then they are full.

But we got to our seats and there were still two overhead bins near our seats that were totally empty. Not only that, but our bags would have easily fit under the seat in front of us. 

So I was going to ask what their criteria was for deciding that we couldn't carry on our carry on bags. The bins weren't full, and obviously nobody had even checked. It was simply that we were in boarding group 5 which I guess is all the people who paid the least amount of money for their seats!

Anyhow, fortunately our bags came out of the conveyor belt fairly quickly and without an issue and we were on our way.

Leaving Netherlands.

First glimpse of the Thames River.

Scenery along the way.

Landing at London City Airport.

We got outside the terminal and tried to decide how we should get to Auntie Nice's house. It was about a 10 km (6 mile) walk, but it was already nearing dusk and we didn't really want to do it in the dark. We had already researched public transportation (which is pricey in London) and figured it was going to cost £9 each. 

We needed some exercise after all that sitting on airplanes and in lounges, so we set off walking. We walked for about an hour and then requested an Uber for the second half which ended up costing £17.05 ($25.50 CAD, $20 USD). 

Docklands area.

There was some kind of concert going on here.

Ruth's Auntie Nice lives in the Hackney district, so we're only 5 kms (3 miles) from central London. 

By the way, her name Nice is short form of Bernice... so it's pronounced "Neece".

We were pretty exhausted by 10:30pm and slept like a rock! Feeling much better this morning.

Today, we are off to see the King! We're heading first to Buckingham Palace. Trying to make it to the changing of the guard at 11:00am. We have several London photos that we are trying to match up with my father's photos from when he was here in the 1950's, and one of them is the changing of the guard. 

Maud's Dark Roast Coffee K-Cups. 100 Pack. On sale at $0.32 each!

And in Canada...


  1. 9 euros each was a bargain. We paid the equivalent of $68 to get us from Heathrow to the Hilton Olympia on Kensington High Street.

    1. Yes, but London City Airport is right in central London and we would have just needed to travel on the intercity transportation system that would require use to take the Dockland Yard Light Rail (DLR) and one subway and still required walking. It would definitely cost more from Heathrow, it is quite a bit further out. London City public transportation pretty expensive now!

  2. You are in my favorite city in the world. I've been there at least eight times since 1970, the first time. Sometimes it was just a brief visit, but more often, a number of days to see everything we could see. My favorite museums are the Victoria and Albert and The British Library (I'm a retired librarian), my favorite store is Liberty, and my favorite place for lunch is Fortnum and Mason. Every visit included my favorites but always something new each time. And, my all time favorite thing to do was seeing musicals and plays--especially Les Miserables! Where do you stay when you are in London for a number of days? My most often place was The Morgan Hotel, a street away from The British Museum.

    1. We also enjoy visiting London and since the 70's, I (Ruth) have visited London and other parts of England at least seven times. We always try to see something new on each visit but also like to go back and see some of the famous sights and this visit will be no different. We are off to see a play tonight (Tuesday), which we are looking forward too.

      When we visit London, we stay with my aunt, who lives in the Hackney neighbourhood.

  3. You're in the middle of the biggest UK state event since Winston Churchills' funeral in 1965. With all the worlds leaders expected for the funeral next Monday, London will be at its most secure especially with the lying in state from Wednesday at Westminster Hall. As ever 'Kevin and Ruth' will make interesting reading.

    1. Yes, we certainly are, although I believe it was also very a big event when Charles and Diana got married and when the Queen Mum died in 2002. When we were downtown yesterday lots of areas downtown are barriered off along with lots of security. Around Buckingham Place there were was a sea of people but it was also the changing of the guard ceremony so we aren't sure how much of a difference that would have made with the amount of people there.

      I will be interesting to see how things will be tonight when we head downtown again to go and see the play because the Queen's coffin will be arriving in London the same evening where it will be taken to Buckingham Palace for the night.

  4. Lay some flowers for me :) I loved London, haven't been there since 1981 but the memories are fond. Can't wait to see the match up photos, I so love that you can do that!

    1. To late to lay flowers for you, we were down there yesterday and there were lots of flowers to been seen, it really was quite beautiful!

      We were able to match up quite a few of Kevin's Dad's pictures but our feet gave out before we got to all the locations so the others will just have to wait.


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