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Thursday, September 22, 2022

A good day sightseeing around the city of Bradford, England

We went with Glen and Steve yesterday morning and took the local bus into the city of Bradford. It's £2 per ride, but they have a full day pass for £4.50 ($6.85 CAD, $5.10 USD) each so we bought two day passes with the idea that we might do more than two rides.

We started off with a walk in Peel Park, then a wander around the central downtown area, then lunch out, then a walk up to Lister Park and Cartwright Hall.

And, it was a fairly nice day. Some blue sky and sunshine and a high of about 18C (65F). And I took lots of photos, so you are forewarned...

One of the entrances to Peel Park.

It's just a walk in the park.

Beautiful day for a walk.

Scenery along the way.


Us, at the Door to Nowhere.
No idea what it is, and I can't find any info online.

It's been here for a long time though.

View of Bradford.

Zoomed in on the old mill.
Most of it has been turned into apartment blocks.

An odd art installation.
Made of stone. Apparently it's been there since 1992.

We popped into Bradford Cathedral.

A wood model of the cathedral made in 1898.

There was an organ concert being held after lunch.

Bradford Cathedral stained glass.

Can you see the Boar Head statue?

Of course this used to be known as the Boar's Head Pub, but it has since changed names.

The oldest street in Bradford.

Bradford City Hall.

We wanted to take Glen and Steve out for lunch, and by the time we finished at the cathedral, it was lunchtime. Bradford has a lot of Asian, Indian, and Middle Eastern immigrants so there are a lot of interesting restaurants. We thought about going to a Syrian restaurant, but it was a nice day and we were looking for a patio. We ended up right in the central square where there was a Wetherspoons Pub. This is a chain restaurant here in the UK, but our friend Glen said they generally do good food at a decent price. And she was right!

I had the fish and chips with mushy peas and it was delicious!
Glen also had the fish and chips, and Ruth had chili, rice, and tortilla chips, and Steve had a small pizza.

Wetherspoons does an "alcoholic drink included" option, so we each had a drink as well. Including two pints of beer, a pint of shandy, and a pint of cider the bill for the four of us was £33 ($50 CAD, $37 USD). So, it was really good value because the same thing would have been double the price back in Canada.

We parted ways after lunch because Glen had a medical checkup to go to. Ruth and I walked up to Lister Park.

The gardens outside the Cartwright Hall are beautiful.

Cartwright Hall is now a free art museum.

I found this outdoor piece interesting.

A close up shows they are all tiny screws input to different depths.

Past costumes from the Bradford Carnival.

Ruth, looking at some of the art.

One of the entrances to Lister Park.

Sir Titusalt.
A manufacturer, politician, and philanthropist in Bradford.

A fossilized tree root.

A walk in the park.

Interesting hedge design.

We took two buses back to the house and we were home just after 5pm. Another few rousing games of Bugger your Neighbor in the evening.

Portable Gas Fire Pit with Cover and Carry Kit. On sale, plus there is a $20 off coupon showing.

And in Canada...

Good price on this Asus 15" Laptop.


  1. Thank you for that fossilized tree root. That's a first for me. Great photos and storytelling as usual.

  2. It is the first time that we have seen something like this before too. We have see petrified trees/wood but not fossilized. Here is a bit more information about it.


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