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Friday, September 2, 2022

Mexico this winter?

Yesterday we said goodbye to Lindsey and family in Nova Scotia. 

Our flight from Halifax to Ottawa was uneventful. It's only a short flight, about an hour and forty five minutes but we were on an older Bombardier 400 turboprop with 76 seats. Its really not the most comfortable airplane, and it's noisy.

We departed about 20 minutes late and arrived in Ottawa about 10 minutes late. Our friend Kim was there to pick us up. Thanks Kim! We are actually house sitting at the same house we were at last time we were in Ottawa, so that has worked out really well.

Flight from Halifax to Ottawa.

So we're here in Ottawa for the next nine days. We're pretty busy visiting with family and friends during that time. In fact I think we're seeing someone different pretty much every day!

Some astute readers noticed yesterday that I mentioned we might be spending some time in Mexico this coming winter, and that certainly is in our plans. We still haven't done anything concrete with changing our residency to allow for more time in the Schengen visa zone in Europe, so we are still bound by the 90 days in and out rules. We do still plan to pick up Max (our motorhome) in early November in Germany, and head fairly quickly to Spain where Max will spend the winter. 

However we plan to leave Max in storage at some point, and fly to Mexico for six weeks or so. Maybe even take a jaunt into another Central American country just for fun. 

We feel like we really need to have some warmth this winter that we missed out on last winter. Turkiye and Greece were great but they weren't tropical by any means! And quite honestly, we miss Mexico. The people, and the food! Tacos, enchiladas, tlayudas, pozole. Mmmm. I can almost taste it.

So we'll probably fly into Mexico City and spend some time up at one of our favorite locations, Valle de Bravo. And then go up to the little farming town of Valle de Juarez near Guadalajara. We know people at both of those locations, so it will be nice to visit. We won't have a motorhome with us, but we can find an airbnb or some other accommodation.

And maybe our daughter and grandkids will be able to visit us this winter in either Spain or Mexico. Who knows. Anyhow, that would be nice.

Gotta get going... meeting an old friend for lunch today.


And in Canada...


  1. That young couple you met up with in Nova Scotia use to have a blog. I don't see that blog anymore. Now I see they are back in NS and with a baby! Have fun visiting family and friends in Ottawa.

    1. Yes, they used to have a blog but they have removed it from the internet because the page isn't showing up anymore. Their life has changed quite a bit from when we met them in March 2019. They are happy to be back in Nova Scotia and they like their new home and enjoying life with Casie.

  2. Replies
    1. If I remember right you left Paula and Jerry's in Nova Scotia and met up with friends in Perth!


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