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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ayutthaya, Thailand.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Lots to talk about with friends...

We're having great weather here for our visit to Ottawa. Highs of between 24C to 28C (75F to 82F) for the week! We'll take it. The kids may be back in school, but it's still summer for a little while yet.

We're only here until Saturday, and it's been an abnormally short visit to Ottawa since we spent so much time in Nova Scotia. But we've been busy every day seeing friends or family, and sometimes both friends and family.

Yesterday, we had Bob and Denise over for lunch. This is one of the couples who came with us on two different RV caravan trips to Mexico. They live in Ingleside, Ontario, so its only an hour drive from here.

Kevin, Ruth, Bob, and Denise.

Bob and Denise also traveled with us on and off while we made our way from Texas to Montana in the spring of 2020 when Covid first started. We're hoping we might see them again this winter because they are thinking of some time in Canary Islands, and so are we. It may or may not come together, but either way we'll be back in Ottawa next year around this time.

Lots of fun to see them again, and no shortage of laughs.

Then this morning, we met up with Louise and Michel. This is one of the couples who came with us during the Yucatan RV caravan that we did for another company. We met them at a Tim Horton's coffee shop in an industrial area. Not the nicest, but I'm so out of touch with Ottawa now I really didn't know where else to go at 10:00am in Ottawa's east end.

Kevin, Ruth, Louise, Michel.

Lots to talk about with them as well! They are moving to Ecuador this fall! Coincidentally, our friend Kim who set us up with our current house sit is also moving to Ecuador so hopefully the three of them can get together for a coffee. I'm sure they will have a lot of discussion as well. Kim has been to Ecuador before, but Louise and Michel have not. 

Then, we went and picked up my mother and took her out for lunch to Mr. Mia's Indian cuisine. My older sister met us there. 

I bought my mom a digital WiFi photo frame. These things are really cool. So we can upload a photo from wherever we happen to be, and it will show up instantly on the picture frame in her living room. And of course other family members can do the same. 


These are the cats we are house sitting.
Enke and Sydney.

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    1. They are not sure where they will live yet. I think they were going to settle down somewhere first when they arrive and then travel around the country and see where they would prefer to live long term before really settling down.


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