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Tuesday, September 20, 2022

The curry capital of Britain

It was a bit of a drizzly morning here in Wyke, England and with the Queen's funeral taking place it seemed like a good time to do some computer work while glancing up at the television every now and then.

It was interesting watching the procession running through areas where we had been walking only a week or so ago.

But they do drag things on a bit for our liking. We're not church going people to begin with unless it's to see the history or architecture so we didn't have much interest in the service itself. The British sure are good at pomp and pageantry though, aren't they?

Watching the Queen's funeral.

After lunch, the skies cleared up a bit and we got out for another 8 km (5 mile) walk.

Mom and her young one.

Our path took us by this plaque.

Low Moor Holy Trinity Church.

We walked around looking at some of the old graves.

This one was interesting.

This was one of the older ones.

Looked like a good pub!

A dog friendly bar.

Speaking of dogs, Doug the dog likes to climb up on the back of the chair for a snooze.

Steve's birthday yesterday, and Glen took us all out for dinner to a local curry house. The Bradford area is well known for its many curry restaurants and Bradford has been crowned Curry Capital of Britain for six years in a row.

My meal was delicious!

Mmmm. Curry!


And in Canada...

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  1. Meal looks delicious, I can almost taste it.

    1. I think we all had something different and they were all delicious! We love curry :-)

  2. It might be true that was has become the national dish of England....chicken tikka.. was first created in Bradford

    1. It wouldn't surprise us if it is indeed the national dish of England, although I think roast beef and yorkshire pudding would give it a run for the money.

      It seems that Glasgow also states that it created the first chicken tikka and then one other article that I read said that it is an Indian dish from hundreds of years ago, we may never know the true origins of it.

  3. We met Steve and Glen briefly whilst waiting in a ferry in Greece. Say his from us. Graham and Joan

    1. Yes, Glen had mentioned about meeting you both in Greece and they said to say hi back to you. :-)


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