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Sunday, September 18, 2022

A quick trip to Hull

We took the train from Leeds to Hull yesterday. About an hour ride, and the cost was about £7 ($10.60 CAD, $8 USD) each. Given the choice, we do enjoy the train more than the bus, but the bus is often cheaper. 

We were in Hull to meet up with my mother's cousin Beryl and some of her family. I don't have many relatives on my mother's side of the family since she was an only child, so it's good to keep in touch with the more distant relatives.

The train was really quiet and comfortable...

And with free WiFi.

Except there was often a large hedge or trees so we didn't see much scenery.

Beryl was at the train station waiting for us. She's 82 now, but really hasn't changed much since we last saw her in 2008. She's still driving, but probably won't be for much longer. A bad hip, and a bad knee, and a few other ailments that are common for that age. Otherwise doing fine.

She still lives alone in this house.

Our room for the night.

Her son Simon came over to pick us all up. Simon is just a couple of years younger than us, but married a much younger woman and now has two children age 6 and 8. He brought us all over for a tour of their house.

The house itself is an interesting story. It was lived in by a local businessman and philanthropist back in the late 1800's, but was a dilapidated mess when Simon bought it in 2012. It was essentially abandoned and was owned by the city. He and his wife Catherine spent two years (and a pile of money) working on it to make it livable. The project was also the subject of an episode of the British show Renovation Home. You can watch the episode here on Youtube

The back of the house.

Home of Christopher Pickering from 1874 to 1890.
I actually forgot to get a shot of the front of the house!

They keep chickens in the back yard.

The chicken house.
Too funny.

Back yard pizza oven.

Big backyard for the boys.

Simon built the boys a pirate ship to play on.
Beryl, Ruth, and Kevin.
Where's the rum??

Even Beryl climbed up into the pirate ship!

The kitchen.

They also rent out rooms in the house on Airbnb. In fact looking after the house is a full time job for Simon, while Catherine goes off to work.


We went out for dinner at a local carvery. 

Ruth, Beryl, and Kevin.

Simon, Beryl, Catherine, Noah, Elijia, Ruth, Kevin.

It was a good visit, but far too short. We need to make sure to allow for a few days in Hull next time we come. We really didn't see any of the city at all, so that's another reason to come back some day.

Neat mural.

In the evening, Tim, another one of Beryl's sons came over...

Tim, Beryl, and Kevin.

This morning, we take the bus back to Leeds. The train was actually sold out, but we're fine with the bus since we might see some scenery. Then we change buses in Leeds and head to the village of Wyke where we are meeting up with friends Glen and Steve for a few days.

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And in Canada...


  1. Wow this is my fav blog post by you so far. I watched the Utube of restoring the Pickering House. Amazing and full of history!! I'm glad the restoration is well documented for the future. I love the house even though I lean towards small houses. Beryl her sons Simon and Tim have family resemblance in Kevin. Yes, good to keep in touch with family. Kevin you have a lovely family in Hulls. Thank you for sharing.

    1. We are glad that you enjoyed the post. Simon was very interesting to listen to when he was telling us about his house and then watching the TV show "Restoration Home" was even more interesting. We can't believe how much work and effort went into the transformation of the house and how much anxiety that they must have gone through knowing that there was always that possibility of having the house taken away from them when they didn't have the reno's done in the allotted time.

      We are really glad that we reached out to Beryl and totally enjoyed our time with her and her family. Hopefully we can see them again and be able to spend more time with them and to see the city of Hull which we didn't even get to see. :-)

  2. I have a cousin that has not long retired as a Professor at Leeds U. Haven't been up that way in quite a few years. Rail service I find to generally be much better in the UK than in canada. Wishing I was in England right now...but looking at the crowds am rather glad I'm not. Enjoy!

    1. Sounds like you maybe in need of another visit if you haven't been up this way in a few years. there is definitely lots to see and do in the area.

      Rail service is certainly much better here in the UK than in Canada but a lot of that has to do with the shorter distances between towns and cities, Canada is too far spread out!

      Beginning in England itself a this particular point in time is not a problem, the problem only lies in the central part of London mostly between Buckingham Palace and Westminster.

  3. Lovely family visit, they are precious times. Cheers

    1. It was a wonderful family visit and we enjoyed meeting Beryl's family, :-)


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