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Thursday, September 15, 2022

The Regent's Park flower gardens and more London architecture

You would think that our legs would be tired from all the walking we've been doing here in London. And you would be correct! But yesterday we set off walking again anyhow, this time towards The Regent's Park to see all the flower gardens.

It had rained much of the morning, but it cleared up nicely after lunch. Which was good news for all the people with the ambition to see the King and his sons walk behind the Queen's casket as it made its way from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall. We had no such ambition. 

It was enough just seeing the crowds at the changing of the guard ceremony the other day. We really didn't want to deal with that again.

We started off down at the canal again, this time walking in the opposite direction from where we went the day before.

A shark jumping out of the water. Too funny.

Lots of greenery on this apartment building.

Scenery along the way.

Canal locks.

The Islington Canal Tunnel.

We saw a sign that says boats are allowed to moor for free for up to 7 days, but every day after that costs £150 ($227 CAD, $173 USD). And yet we never saw a boat moving either yesterday or the day before. Very strange. 

We headed up to street level...

Intersection crosswalk are all marked with these words on the pavement.
London gets a lot of tourists who aren't used to the vehicles being on the opposite side of the road.

Another interesting building.
With a Five Guys Burgers and Fries!

This one is different!

The fantastic St. Pancras Hotel.

Notice the two fancy sports cars parked out front.

A pink McLaren.
The girl with the pink hair was getting her picture taken with the pink car.

I much prefer the black Ferrari.

We stopped into the British Library.

One part of the library is more like a museum...

The Treasures of the British Library.

The oldest known "book" in existence is dated from the year 868.

This Queen Elizabeth display was quickly put together.

Queen Elizabeth II.

The library is well used.

Outdoor area at the library.

We walked over to The Regent's Park...

There are lots of modern art statues in the park. 
Some of them are very odd. This is actually one of the better ones.

The gardens are gorgeous.

Ruth at the Regent's Park Gardens.

More gardens.

The gate entrance to the Queen Mary Rose Gardens.

Me, taking a break in the rose gardens.

Many different types of roses.

Ruth in the Queen Mary Rose Gardens.

Beautiful sunny afternoon in The Regent's Park.

By this time, we had completed almost ten kms (6 miles) and our feet were done. We decided to take "the tube" back to the house. 

Liverpool Street Station was busy.

Back at the house. This house was built in 1853.
This is where we have been staying the last four nights.

Ruth's Auntie Nice offered to take us out for dinner. We walked over to a Turkish restaurant.

Typical London homes.

Nice sunset.

A very authentic Turkish dinner.

And our stay in London is over. London is a nice city to visit, So much to see. 

Today, we take the bus from London to the northern England city of Leeds. 

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And in Canada...

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