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Thursday, September 1, 2022

September is here!

Wow, here we are at the start of September. August feels like it just flew by, and September will likely feel the same for us. We have lots of fun stuff planned for September. 

And, our time here in Nova Scotia is up. We've had lots of fun with daughter Lindsey and her family. The grandkids kept us busy. In fact yesterday we went to really cool swimming hole.

Its only a few minutes from their house. It's called Hellgate Falls, or Three Pools. GPS 45.044407, -64.409435

Seems only the locals know about it. Son in law Justin remembers coming here to swim with his friends when he was a teenager. But now it's part of a hydro power system and they've fenced off the trailhead. Its technically closed to the public, but it's not enforced. Everybody finds a different way to get there though, and it's a busy swimming hole during the summer.

View at the parking area.

Danger. Keep out.

Ruth, Cameron, Lindsey.

I can see why it's popular.
It's a really pretty spot!

Cameron doesn't waste any time getting in the cold water!

There are lots of high points around the deep pool where people jump or dive into the water. Cameron is now bold enough to try some of these. I took a video of him trying to get to one jumping off point...

Here he is heading up to a higher platform.

Ready to jump!

There he goes!
Notice that there are two other swimmers hidden under the falls.

Lots of fun. Sadie went in for a little bit too, but she's still too small to do any jumping. 

Oh, and we had some visitors yesterday. Aron and Owenita were on our last Mexican RV caravan trip and they own a house here in Nova Scotia. They've been traveling full time in their motorhome for almost a year and left it near Calgary to fly back here for a visit. His mother lives nearby, so they stopped in to say hi on their way to visit her.

Kevin, Ruth, Owenita, Aron.

Lots of fun catching up with them. Hopefully we can bump into each other this winter in Mexico.

Had a great sunset the other night...

Nova Scotia sunset.

And this morning, Lindsey made us her famous spinach eggs benedict for breakfast!

But, we say goodbye to them at noon today as we drive back to Halifax airport for our afternoon flight to Ottawa for a ten day visit there.

Nice price drop on most colors of the popular Venture Pal Packable Backpack.

And in Canada...


  1. Replies
    1. It was and hopefully we will go there again on a nice day next year and we will all bring our swimsuits and join Cameron.

  2. Am I reading well ? You're planning to be in Mexico this winter ??? That's new!

    1. The plan is to go to Mexico for anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks to visit some of our favourite places, see some friends and fingers crossed have Lindsey and the family can join us for part of that time.

  3. Hey guys, if you're in Manotick, we'd love to get together again.

    Cheers, Barbara

    1. That sounds like a great idea. You can contact Kevin through his email, if you don't have it, it is part way down the right hand column and we can set something up.:-)

  4. Looks like you and your friends planned your color-coordinating outfits. Cute pic! And Lindsay's eggs look delicious. Yum!

    1. Lol, we didn't even notice that until after we had taken the picture and then looked at it. We had a good laugh when we noticed how color coordinated we were!

      Lindsey makes the best eggs Benedict!


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