Coastline at Antalya, Turkiye.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Antalya, Turkiye.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Paris, France on May 1st.

Sunday, September 4, 2022

Working at McDonald's?

We're not doing anything super exciting, so I've been taking a bit of a break from the daily blog writing. Don't worry though... we will get back to our regular routine of travel in a week or so!

I also haven't been taking many photos. We're just kind of taking it easy and visiting some family and friends here in Ottawa. But there are a few I'd like to show you...

I'll back up to September the 1st when we left Halifax. We took a quick last minute group photo with our daughter Lindsey and her family...

Kevin, Cameron, Ruth. Justin, Lindsey, Sadie, and dog Chester.

Us, on the plane from Halifax to Ottawa.
Canada still has a federally mandated mask rule for flights.

Ruth had two of her high school friends over for a visit on Friday.
Ruth, Myrna, Liz.

This is where we are house sitting until the 10th.

On Saturday we went over to the building where my mother lives. It's a seniors building with a very active social program and they were having a "picnic". It was really an outdoor lunch with some live music. My nephew Marshal showed up, as well as my older sister Elaine.

Kevin, Ruth, Elspeth (my mom), Marshal, Elaine.

Then after that we drove out to Stittsville to visit with Ruth's brother Colin.

Kevin, Ruth, Brenda, Colin, and their granddaughter Andie.

Heading back to my mother's place this afternoon for another visit. It's been ten months since we were last here, and it will likely be another year before we come back, so we need to squeeze in as much visiting as we can. 

Interesting sign we noticed yesterday. We drove by a McDonald's Restaurant. Almost every business here in Ottawa has a help wanted sign up. This McDonald's is no different. What caught our eye was the wages. They are offering $16.50 an hour for full time hours with a full benefit package. 

I know we're out of touch, but we thought that was a pretty good gig for some unskilled employment.

Now, there's no question it's expensive to live in Canada. A one bedroom apartment here in Ottawa will likely run you about $1,400 a month for something fairly basic. However, Ruth and I could quite easily live a decent life here working at McDonalds! $16.50 an hour is $34,000 a year! With both of us working, we'd be pulling in $5,600 a month before taxes. And if you've got any motivation at all, you'd probably be a manger in a year or two and have an even higher salary.

Fortunately, we have no need or desire to do that. I just found it interesting.

Record low deal on the Intex Excursion Pro Series Inflatable Kayak. Both 1 and 2 person versions are on sale.

And in Canada...


  1. Wages are still lower in USA. I believe fast food work get $13/hr minimum wage. The cost of rent for an apartment is around $1,400 and above here. My daughter was temporarily housing her cousin while the cousin earned and completed her registered nursing school. The cousin moved out recently and complained how high rent was. She paid $1,500 for one bedroom but the apartment needed some repairs. The ceiling fan fell down while she was using it. We do have a lot of 'hiring' signs on businesses.

    1. As Kevin mentioned this wage would be good for two people who know how to budget well but that it would be much harder for a single person to be able to live off that one wage,

  2. $34,200 is gross Kevin, don't forget taxes are pretty high in Canada. In Ontario at $34,000 a year that's only $25,500 a year net

    1. Yes, I had said $5,600 a month before taxes. And I know that taxes are pretty high in Canada... I still pay

  3. Nice family pictures! I bet everyone is glad to see you.

    1. Thanks Chris. We always like to try to get a family photo each year so I am glad that I remembered at the last moment. Yes, we were all glad to see each other. :-)

  4. As a workamper in California the minimum wage is $ 15.00 and in 2023 it will be $15.50. That's what I got last winter at Death Valley National Park. FHU campsite was $ 150 month. Free were 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) a day in the Employee Dining room. Like salmon, steaks, pasta etc. with rice, French fries, salad. Every day different. Additional cakes or pies. Fruits like oranges, bananas, kiwis. A lot of snacks. Muffins, cereal. Big ice chest with Gatorade, water, Orange sodas etc. More drinks like tea or coffee. Hot or cold. Another ice chest with ice cream. Milk, Almond or chocolate milk in the fridge. There also different sandwiches with ham or tuna. For 5 months I was never cooking or buying food. Since we were in the middle of nowhere I couldn't spend any money. The next town was Pahrump in Nevada. 75 miles away one way. We had a driver and he drove us to Pahrump if we needed something. It was free too. Every month I got app. $ 2000 at my bank account. And most of it I could save. This winter I go back. They called me and asked if I want to join them again. A very friendly atmosphere and nice colleagues. It will be for only 5 months, because later it is too hot. 5 days a week and 8-9 hours a day.

    1. Wow, that sounds like a great spot to work, with lots of fringe benefits. We are glad that you enjoyed working there and that you will head back there this winter. We know that you also enjoy seeing people and having some extra company around you. I hope that this winter works out just as well as last winter.

  5. Yes there are signs for hire everywhere in Ontario and it's the same pretty much the same all over Canada. Our grandson was spraying lawns this summer making $22.00 per hour. Great gig for him before heading back to University and he already has an academic and athletic scholarship. So it was great for him. Enjoy your time with family and friends

    1. We are surprised that people who have no jobs aren't jumping on those jobs with that kind of money being offered but I guess we are just so out of touch with things these days. We can understand that it would be hard for one person to survive on that pay but we think that it is pretty decent pay for two people in one household bringing in that amount. You still have to be frugal but it could be done.

      Sounds like you grandson did well over the summer and is a smart young man, you must be proud of him. :-)


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