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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Splishin' and a splashin'!

What a fun day we had yesterday!

We had stayed overnight Thursday night at the Parque Acuatico Las Fuentes (Water Park) in the middle of nowhere near Colotlan, Jalisco, Mexico. And we planned on staying overnight Friday night as well to give ourselves a full day of Friday fun at the water park.

Hardly any RV'ers travel this route from Zacatecas to Guadalajara, and in fact I doubt many other people do either. So Ruth and I were happy that we detoured this way so that we could find out what there was to see.

Well this water park we found was something else! And, they allow RV's to overnight there (no hookups) and you can stay as long as you want.. for free!

(Lots of photos... it was a busy day!)

Ruth at the Las Fuentes sign.

We had a full day planned. First, a few of us went for a morning walk for about an hour.

You would never believe this huge water park would be located here.

Nice country lane.

Scarlet, Denise, Sue, Bob, Ruth, and Kevin.

Looking back at where the water park is.

Back from our walk, we organized with the office to take seven of us out on the Las Fuentes Adventure Tour. It's about an hour long excursion in an all wheel drive bush buggy. And it only costs 50 pesos ($2.65 USD, $3.50 CAD) per person!

Sign us up!

Our driver Ruben brought the buggy over...

The buggy seats 8 people.
Hey, there's Sherman in the background!

Ready to go!

And we're off!

That's our road.

Checking out the view.

Reuben drove us up a rocky path to the view point. This little buggy goes anywhere! Then, he asked if we wanted to go for a short hike...

Heading up hill.

Huge cactus.

The cactus is flowering. Spring is coming!

Ruth, enjoying the view. 

We had to climb over a rock wall.

To get to this cave!

Holding the roof up.

Careful coming down...

Hiking back down.

Reuben found a plant up there called a regeneration plant. It looks dead and dried up... but he said that as soon as you add water, it will come back to life... even if it has been dried up for years!

The regeneration plant.

Ruth put it in a bowl of water for 24 hours... this is what happened!

It's alive!

Reuben then brought us to another cave where the opening was very small. He sent me in ahead because I have a flashlight on my phone...and, I like caves!

It was a tiny opening, and I had to almost slither though on my stomach. But once you were inside, there was a room big enough for all of us to stand up in!

Denise coming in through the tiny cave opening.

And then he drove us through the village he lives in, and back to the water park. What a great hour of fun for only 50 pesos each!

We said thanks to Reuben, gave him a tip, and walked back to our motorhomes. 

Five minutes, later, Reuben drives over with the bush buggy and asks if we want to go on another route. I asked if we had to pay, and he says no... "this is for free"!

So the fun wasn't over yet... in fact it was only just beginning! We all hopped back in the buggy and off we went...

Hmm... looks like there may be some water involved on this route!

Yep, right into the river!

We had noticed that Reuben's shoes were sitting up on the dash. Now we realized why!

Looking back!

I took a video for you... turn up your volume...

Too funny!

Bob, hanging on for dear life!

Through the riverbed.

And up a steep hill.

Hmm... this looks pretty close to the edge.

Yep, there is room for us... 


We went through one section where the water was about three feet deep. The water was actually coming up to Roy and Sues seat... they got a bit wet!

What a great encore ride... thanks Reuben!

Back at the RVs, we had some lunch... then it was time for some real water fun! 

Barry and Jeannie enjoying the lazy river.

Being a Friday, the park wasn't very busy. As expected, it gets pretty busy on Saturdays and Sundays with people from Guadalajara, Aguascalientes, and Zacatecas even though it's not really close to any of those cities.

Okay, lets go check out the waterslides!

View from the top.

Kids area, and relax pool behind.

Ruth, ready for the tube slide!

Roy and Sue coming down the tube slide!

Roy and Sue.

Floating in the water.



By the way, the water is warm! When the pools are filled in the morning, the water temperature is between 27C to 30C (81F to 86F) and it proceeds to cool throughout the day. Perfect!

Bob, Jeannie, Barry, and Sue.

Ruth took a video for you of herself going down the waterslide...

Here comes Ruth!

And Bob!

And Roy!

And Sue!

And me!

And Paul!

And Denise!

And Barry!

And Denise again!

Ruth and I racing on the water toboggans!

The fun wasn't over yet. From there, we went to the wave pool!
Yes, they have a huge wave pool way out here in the middle of nowhere!

Me, in the wave pool.

Jeannie, Wendy, Denise.

Ruth, in the wave pool.

Barry, Wendy, and Ruth.

The wave pool. 
The structure on the left is the bar... only open on weekends.

You would think we would have had enough... but no. We still had to go to the waterfalls area...

You go into this cave, where the water is POURING out!

And you try and sit there without being washed away!

Good thing you have a rope to hang onto! 

Bob, trying to hang on!

Ruth, Denise, Sue, and Barry.

Bob and Denise.

Looking out to the natural pools.

Paul, Wendy, and Jeannie stayed up top. 

Off to explore the pools.


Soaking for a while.

And then ready for more fun!
Hang on to that rope!

What great fun. 

Drying off in the sun.
Denise, Bob, Roy, Sue, Kevin, and Barry in front.

What a fun day we had. 

I bet you never knew a group of 53 to 77 year olds could have so much fun!

Definitely a place to return to. Oh, and the cost? 170 pesos ($9 USD, $12 CAD) for a 24 hour pass. If you're camping, you can go back in the evening, or early in the morning for a swim.

We're already planning a possible four night stay if we do this again next year!

Great deal on this Hiking Day Pack. Clip the $4 off coupon showing on the product page, then enter code 4IAKG69U at checkout for a total 40% off. 

And in Canada...


  1. Replies
    1. We all had a fantastic time there, what a great day! :-)

  2. Great find! Pretty route and great destination.

    1. Yep, this place is definitely a hidden gem. We will be back there for sure. :-)

  3. Reminds me of a bunch of kids!!!

    1. Yep, and I actually said it was going to be fun to feel like a kid for a day! :-)

  4. OMG - You are on the fun side of the wall! What a great day.

    1. Yep, we sure are! We all had a real fun day. :-)

  5. Gollee, you young-ens look to be having waay too much fun!..Shoot I'd love to be there...
    And the weather looks fantastic also....

    1. That's the idea, and we had a blast! The weather was perfect and has been for pretty much our whole four months, that is one of the many reasons that we love coming to Mexico. :-)

  6. You definitely can't say that you were bored with that stop.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. No we certainly can't but then again we haven't been bored on any of our stops! :-)

  7. Love it. You managed to keep your hats and glasses on going down the slides, I'm impressed.

    1. Well we actually didn't manage to keep them on, they came off as soon as we enter the pool coming off the slide , lol!

  8. Ha! What a riot! A great day for the kid in all of you.

    1. It was a riot and yes, we all felt like kids for the day. We really had a blast. :-)


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