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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Almost BBQ weather

Yesterday turned out good enough that it almost felt like barbecue weather. They had been calling for showers again, but it never did rain. Good thing, because Lindsey and Justin and Cameron came up to visit and go for a hike.

So we went for a hike on the trails here at Gaspereau Mountain. It was just the right temperature, and just cool enough that the black flies stayed away provided you kept walking. As soon as you stopped, it didn't take long for the little buggers to begin harassing you though!

Justin, Lindsey, Whiskey, and Cameron

Lindsey has a neat carrier wrap for Cameron when she goes out walking. She finds it a lot easier than pushing a stroller, which of course you can't do on a hiking trail anyhow.

When we came back from the walk, Justin (a carpenter) said he had a few scrap pieces of wood at his mothers place not too far away that would probably do to fix Sherman's dash problem. And I've got to get myself a small cordless drill at some point because this isn't the first time one would have come in handy with doing something with Sherman. Anyhow, we stopped by his tool shed and picked up one of his. This was near the Home Depot, so I suggested maybe we should stop in there and check their scrap bin to see if anything would work and avoid the drive to his mothers.

Sure enough, Home Depot had what we needed, and they even cut the pieces to the right size for us. Because the wood was in the scrap bin, there was no charge, even for the cuts. Thanks Home Depot!

So we made it back to Sherman and installed the wood to support the dash. It looks much better and stronger now, and I just have to reinstall the gauges and hook up the wiring. 

Then, I got out our new Weber Q100 gas grill. This is the barbecue we got such a good deal on when we were in Beeville, Texas back in March . i think this is only the third time I've used it, and each time I have been totally impressed. It has the most even cooking surface of any BBQ or grill I've ever used.

Lindsey, Justin, and Cameron


  1. Gotta love the freebees eh? And the Weber grill is on my list when this one is done someday, its only 3 years old but the previous one lasted nearly 20 years, unless I can find a home for it. Thanks for the adsense advice we are getting a lot more hits.

  2. looked hard at the weber but bought a coleman instead since it came with a stand and wasn't an additional charge... love it but sure I would have loved the weber as well... happy grilling

  3. BBQ - ahhh there's nothing like it. Glad Home Depot came through for you and pretty soon Sherman is going to just think he's the cat's meow. (If you're old enough to remember what that means.)

  4. wow this place really deserve my presence
    so beautiful and seems calm
    best of luck guys
    god bless

  5. Looks like a beautiful day for a BBQ. The baby is really growing and soooo cute. Stay safe.

  6. George and Suzie...Yep, we sure like the Weber. Glad the advise is helping.

    heyduke50...As long as you are happy and it works well, that's all that counts.

    Jim and Sandie...Definitely old enough to understand what that means. Yep, Sherman and us are happy campers!

    Chris...Yep, hopefully more to come.

    baili...Yes it is beautiful, thanks!

    pidge...He is going like a weed.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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