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Thursday, May 19, 2011

An exciting day!

Well, not exactly. But that's better than putting a title that says "Defrosting the refrigerator"! Not a bad day however. Not as much sun as I would have liked, but it was nice to have the windows open and just the screen on the side door. Sherman was due for a little fresh air!

I gave the carpet a cleanup. I mean it’s a never ending chore with the dog hair, and it should have been replaced last year anyhow, but giving it a bit of a scrub does make it nicer. I will replace it when we’re parked up near Ottawa in September.

And I did then I defrost the freezer. Ruth is always pretty good at making sure everything fits and so I was afraid that after I unpacked it I wouldn’t be able to get everything back in there. But I found that when I organized it a man’s way, you know, so that the fish is all together in one spot, the frozen veggies are in their spot, and the leftovers are the most easily accessible, then I still had room to slide a beer in there to make it extra cold!

The freezer's not that big. I set a beer in there to give you some perspective!

How is all this stuff going to fit?

It all fits! Organization is the key to success!

Calling for another decent day today, so I'm going to take my bicycle for a ride over to the Gaspereau Valley. It should be getting nice and green there so should be good for a few pics.

You might see more than one post per day here for the next two weeks as Ruth will be posting what she’s up to as well, so you might have to check the previous post to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

Lindsey emailed me a picture of 6 week old Cameron. Just like a guy, with the TV remote nice and close at hand!


  1. We are going to do the same thing today ~ defrost the fridge! What a good looking little guy!

  2. hmmm, defrosting the fridge is on my to do list for today as well,(beer is not cold enough) it must just be that time of year. All these little things keep us busy. Great picture of Cameron!

  3. Haven't started my fridge yet, we just got the rig de winterized. so I have a nice defrosted clean fridge to start out with. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  4. Funny, yesterday, we completely took the inside of the fridge apart for a cleaning and defrost. Not fun, but it looks so much cleaner now.

  5. Rule #1 always leave room for the beer. I like the idea to start young with the remote.

  6. The remote shows how tiny Cameron really is. Good news about the fresh air inside Sheman, it's a start.

  7. Beautiful baby!! I need to get my fridge defrosted too. Hate that job. Doesn't take long, but getting started is my problem.

  8. What a cutie Cameron is.
    Good job on the freezer. Sometimes we have to do, what we have to do.

  9. Thanks everybody for the nice comments about our grandson!!


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