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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Adsense color codes

A lot of you have Adsense advertising on your blogs. I'm always trying different ways to increase the revenue from Adsense, and our monthly income is starting to show some consistent gains.

One of the things I'm trying is to change the color schemes of the ads to see what works best. I find that Google isn't very good at explaining how to change the colors, so I'll tell you how I do it.

First, I found a color palette online that shows what codes are necessary for the different colors. This one is the best I've found so far...

Next, you have to get into the color code drop down box in order to input and test your colors. I find that the easiest way is to log into your site, and then go to your homepage. You will now find a little wrench and screwdriver symbol beside each one of your Google ads. That is your "Edit" button. It looks like this...

If you click on your Edit button, it will bring up the page that enables you to configure that particular Adsense ad. In the "Colors" section, you have to bring up the dropdown box and click on "Custom Colors". Now you can change the code for the border, the background, the text, the title, and the url in this particular ad. As you change each code, you can see the color change in the "Preview" section below the color box.


  1. The colors do make the ads pop out at you. I think it might prove to be a great idea.

  2. Looks good. How much do you make on Adsense ads?

  3. Now we need to soon see a picture of you guys on the beach.
    Thanks for the tip on colours for adsense maybe we can get more traffic, we just crested $100.00 but took 14 months to get there.

  4. The yellow really pops out. Hope it works for you.

    The header picture is so cool...hope you see some sunshine very soon.

  5. This is good info Kevin, thanks. Your color changes look great!


  6. Kenny and Angela: Thanks!

    Contessa: Time will tell. At least it gives you some options that for some reason Google doesn't readily show as being available.

    Randy and Pam: April was our second best month ever, at $141, which followed our best month ever which was March at $153. It's looking like May is going to better that figure by quite a bit.

    George and Suzie: Hopefully you will see us on the beach next month! Good news on your Adsense...that means you will finally get paid!

    Karen and Al: We won't always keep the yellow. That was more to show you all what can be done. Yes, we are hoping for sunshine as well!

    Margie and Roger: I think the idea is to bring the readers attention to them. Sometimes regular readers will become oblivious to the ads, so they need a gentle reminder.

    John and Ellen: Happy to help! At least it gives us some more options, and a little color makes it a little more interesting.


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