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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New shocks

I have ordered new front shocks for Sherman! I'm pretty sure that the front shocks on our motorhome are the original ones from 1995, and now have 66,000 miles on them. Now, that number of miles is still pretty low for a 1995, but when you've driven on Mexican highways you can probably double that!

Anyhow, I've ordered Bilstein HD shocks at a cost of $93 each and hopefully they'll show up by Friday so that I can have them installed during our trip out to Cape Breton Island.

Whiskey is such a sweetheart, but can be so annoying. She wants her kong so that I can put a biscuit in it for her. She may be 15 years old, but she's still on the ball when it comes to wrapping me around her paw!


  1. I still say Whiskey looks like Aunt Clara from Bewitched! I hope she got a treat.

  2. Kevin, I put Bilsteins on my Duramax and they are great it rides like a Cadillac, The price you got is good too.Whiskey knows who's boss, Rigg's is the same way. Be Safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. Im in the contest! I really really really hope I win! Alberta winters are hard on the old RV.
    And I'm sure Tara would thank you too!

    Whiskey is so cute!!! Sammy says HI!

  4. Whiskey is a lovely looking 'fur kid'! the kong!..Tucker has one too!!

  5. Rusty doesn't care for the kong at all. We have tried putting all kinds of things in it, but he just ignores it. Go figure!!

  6. Didn't you know - fur kids rule!! Always and forever. And yes they can be annoying but then so is our mate and our kids and other people and etc. etc. etc. And then those big eyes look at you and your heart melts.

  7. Chris...Not sure if that is a compliant to Whiskey or not, lol. She got her treat for sure!

    Sam and Donna...We unfortunately haven't got them delivered yet so we will have to wait until we come back from our trip around the Cabot Trail before installing them. Whiskey sure is the boss around here.

    Kenny and Angela...You can't!

    Life's a Journey...Good Luck!

    Sue and Doug...Aren't they all!

    pidge...Yep, it's funny that some dogs love them and some dogs don't.

    Jim and Sandie...You said it!

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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