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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Blogger functions

We spent the whole day yesterday inside the house. Why? Because it poured with rain all day. Even Whiskey didn’t want to go outside.

But even though we didn’t get outside, we still had a good day. We got caught up on a lot of internet things including reading a whole lot of your blogs. On that note, I wanted to mention a couple of things that I noticed.

Many of the people who leave comments here and on other blogs also run their own blog or website. But it’s not always easy to find it, even when visiting their profile. So what we do, is leave our website address as a clickable link in the comment. The blogger comment box accepts most html tags so that you can make words bold or italic, or so that you can make a clickable link. For example, when we leave a comment with our clickable link, we use the following tag…

 This allows a clickable link in the comment to show up as www.travelwithkevinandruth.com

All you need to do is to type it out as above but to insert your web address where you see the travelwithkevinandruth above. Then copy it to a folder on your desktop so that all you’ll have to do is copy and paste it at the end of whenever you leave a comment on someone’s blog. It’s so much easier for that person to then visit your blog simply by clicking the link. Feel free to experiment in our comment box below to see if you can get your link to show up properly.

Also, we are one of the very few blogs that uses the “page break” function in the blogger editor. This is what allows a single paragraph of each blog post to show up on our home page. Just my opinion, but I think it makes for a lot cleaner looking home page, and makes it easier to navigate through different posts.

Anyhow, despite the rain we are heading to Lunenburg to do some exploring this afternoon. There's a nearby ferry that we want to take, and high tide is about 1:30pm or so, so that's what we're aiming for.


  1. Sucks about the rain, but you did get an awful lot of sunshine this winter! So maybe this makes up for all that sun!


  2. ooh ooh... I might just start doing the "page break" thing. I really hadn't thought about it enough to even look into doing it, but I tend to agree. As it is, I only show a weeks worth of posts per page, which makes the whole thing load heaps faster.

    I was about to suggest using the attribute of "target" in that line of html, but it turns out it's "not allowed" in the comment field.

    Anyway, in the regular body of your blog, you can use it. It looks like this: target="_blank"
    You put it in just before the address, so the link will open in a new window.
    (insert opening anchor)
    href="http://thecaretakerchronicles.blogspot.com/" target="_blank">thecaretakerchronicles(or whatever other name of the link)
    (insert closing anchor)

    Note...I've removed the "anchors", otherwise I can't even add the text.
    That's the extent of my html. Hurts my brain.

  3. Definitely a great idea. Thanks again for posting your blog address. Whiskey looks so warm and comfy.

  4. Nice ideas, I might try the blog link, although with the google identity I think it shows up. I am one who has a bit of trouble with the page break. I have satellite reception, a bit slower than cable, and as a result, having to reload the page after the page break is sometimes not easy. Maybe one size of course doesn't fit all. I do enjoy your blog, even when I have to reload for the extra page.

    Sue at mohotravels.blogspot.com
    ah well, guess I need to go back and read the instructions. LOL

  5. I can't even get my photo to appear with google identity!! Sigh!!

  6. Here goes...

  7. Ok so this is beyond awesome... Thank you for posting this GREAT tip!!


  8. I wish I were sitting in that window. Here it is dry and over 40C. I wonder what Whiskey was dreaming about? Running around Mexico? We'll never know.

  9. Life's a Journey...I know we had lots of sunshine this winter and I am sure this is payback, but enough is enough, this is May. (whining here!!!)

    Malone...We like the page break because when most blogs come up they have several days worth of posts with lots of photos so when we are on the MiFi or an internet stick that has limited usage (only so many gigabytes a month)we can't look at the blogs because it uses up too many megabytes. By doing the page break the photos from all the posts won't come up and we can then just click on the one post we need to read and see only those photos, therefore less usage.

    Les...Give it another try.

    Eveilynne...Way to go, you have it. We like this as it takes you straight to the home page eliminating the profile page.

    Chris...We are never happy are we. When it's cold and raining people complain and when it is too hot people complain. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Wish we could trade our weather with yours. I think Whiskey was dreaming of the food, as you say we will never know.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey

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  11. Crap, I need more practice. Maybe I copied it wrong. I got an error saying not allowed code.

  12. Michael...Nope still not working. Take rv0777.blogspot.com and replace it with the travelwithkevinandruth.com in both places, then copy that and try it. Make sure it is only that part that you change, nothing else.

    Kevin, Whiskey and Ruth

  13. It gives a cleaner look but for those on a limited time with using the internet it's actually inconvient because they have to click on each post to read it. Since i'm on a limited usage i use foxfire scrapbook add on and i open the blog page with it and capture it and then read it while i'm off line. I can not do that with your blog. I find blogs that i can't save and look at later i tend to not visit them as often.

    just a thought to remember

  14. I disagree. Those with limited bandwidth will use less because they're not downloading a pile of pictures that they will have already looked at previously. This way, they can click on just the posts they want. Or an even better way for those with limited bandwidth is to disable the pictures option of your browser. That's what we do when we're using our cellular internet.

  15. Doyle and Terri...Yep, that works. We keep a copy of that html link text in notepad and keep it on our desktop, then all we have to do is copy and paste the link into the comments we make.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey

  16. thank you for information...
    nice blog

  17. Great info, I have just started a blog for a trip in Sept. and any advise is a huge help. I have been following your blog since last fall.


  18. Anonymous...Glad you have found some of the hints useful. You got the link going to your website working great. I find this makes things so much easier.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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