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Friday, May 6, 2011

Graves Island boat launch, near Chester

We left Ross Farm Museum at around 8:30am yesterday. It was VERY foggy  and drizzly and it didn’t really start to clear up at all so we only drove about 35 kms (22 miles) to the town of Chester.

Just as we were entering the town, we pulled into the parking lot of the local Legion building to sit and have some breakfast. Picked up a good unsecured internet signal from somewhere nearby so we sat there for a couple of hours in the rain.

As we sat there, an old fella came out of the building and wandered over to us. We figured he was going to tell us we couldn’t park there or something, but instead he asked if we needed to use the washrooms in the building. Another example of Nova Scotia hospitality!

We stopped at a Price Chopper store and picked up a few things. Great deal on milk, at only $5.99 for 4 litres (slightly more than a gallon). And a whole 3 pound chicken for $6.01. Funny that a whole chicken was only two cents more than the milk!

Then we drove to the Chester area visitor information centre. The lady in there was really nice and said we were welcome to park there for the night. (GPS 44.5473 -64.2445). But she also said that there was a parking lot at the entrance to Graves Island Provincial Park just down the road that might be good for us as well.

The rain had stopped for a little while, so we went for a short walk on the trail outside the visitor centre. It was a miserable day overall though, and we never saw the sun at all.

The causeway over to Graves Island 

Around 4:00pm, we drove over to the parking lot at the entrance to Graves Island. Of course the park itself doesn’t open until May 17, but we could park at the boat ramp. Not a bad spot, but probably too busy in the summer. (GPS 44.5643 -64.2140). Still, worthwhile for a walk over the short causeway to the island.

Still raining at around that time, so it was a nice evening to put the oven on for roast chicken. What a great dinner, with veggies and stuffing and roast potatoes. I sure married a fantastic cook!

Mmmmm...roast chicken dinner!

Sherman, parked up for the night

The rain continued, and it was pouring when we went to sleep last night. So far this morning it’s not raining, but we haven’t seen the sun yet either. We’ll take Whiskey for a walk on the island, and then we’re going to head over to stay in couchsurfer Dave’s driveway about 70 kms (45 miles) from here. Who knows what we’ll find along the way!

Yesterday's drive, only 35 kms (22 miles)


  1. That dinner does look good enought to eat.Stay dry..

  2. A nice roasted chicken dinner on a dreary day, what a nice day to wrap it up, warm and comfy.

  3. Looks like you have a nice spot even on a dreary day,The Chicken looks great, Don't want to make you long for Mexico, but my Granddaughter Nicole and her Mom made Enchilada's for supper last night. Boy was that great. Be safe out there. have fun in your travels. Sam & Donna.

  4. With 2% humidity here, all that fog and rain looking quite nice to me! BTW, we have that same set of dishes in our motorhome! Ruth sure knows how to cook up a meal! Enjoy!

  5. Great chicken dinner!

    Looks kinda crappy outside. Oh well, sunny skies are on the way I'm sure.


  6. Kenny and Angela...It sure hit the spot.

    George and Suzie...We are trying to stay warm, cant believe it's May!

    Sam and Donna...Thanks, now we are really longing for Mexico!

    Grace...You can have the fog and rain, we will take the heat and humidity any day. We hate the cold.

    Life's a Journey...We sure hope those sunny skies are coming our way.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey

  7. Hope that sun comes out soon for you.We have finally seen the sun for 3 days straight even though it rained overnight. Spring sure is taking its time in arriving.


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