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Monday, May 16, 2011

Rain, rain, go away...

We’ve going to have to buy an anchor. Because without one, we’re afraid that Sherman is going to float away!

It has rained steady all night, and the picture below that I took minutes ago shows that it’s not letting up. Someone want to remind us what blue sky looks like? I honestly can't remember the last time we saw any!

We did manage to get out for a walk yesterday. We drove down to Wolfville to get a few groceries and took Whiskey with us. We went to Reservoir Park, which is where the town water supply was located until 1997. After that, the area was turned into a park. Not a bad walk, except one of the trails was soggy to walk on!

We had our couchsufing host Angela over to the motorhome for dinner last night. She had all kinds of questions about living in a motorhome, and we get the impression that she and Glenn might be interested in the idea. Ruth made a peppery beef stroganoff and it was really good.

We’re heading down to do up another batch of wine, and then over to Lindsey’s for the rest of the day. Ruth is making a lasagna for supper!


  1. that beef stroganoff sounds like a great dinner on a rainy day.........

  2. Yes the rain ! Hopefully it will go away soon in exchange for some HOT sunny weather. Nothing like cooking inside on a rainy day to warm you up.

  3. The sun finally made it to Dardenne Prairie this morning, maybe in a couple days it will be out on the east coast, My sister used to say she would look at the St Louis weather and then know what they would have in two days up in Scranton since it would head northeast through the Ohio Vally.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna

  4. Think you might be getting paid back for all the nice winter weather you had? Hang tight it will change.

  5. Unless the 40 day flood is coming, it will have to let up sometime. In the FL panhandle, we have seen only one days rain it the last three weeks.

  6. I think the rain is harder on those of us who winter in Mexico!! The snow pack here in BC is just starting to melt and even we here in our RV park are experiencing a rising lake. We've lost our beach so far!

  7. You should see the grounds at KOA Kingston they are not much better than you have so I believe it is just about all over the eastern half of Canada. Puddles all over the place. Dale & Mary-Lou

  8. The worlds weather is certainly topsy turvy at the moment.
    Here in the UK we've had our warmest spring for 350 years. Scotland has had almost 100% of its expected rainfall but here in East Anglia (Norfolk) we have had less than 10% of expected rainfall. Seems that Spain has had most of our rainfall.

  9. We sure could use some of that rain out here in Alberta, we are all battling forest fires!
    Send it on over!!!!

  10. RV = Wheels. If it gets too bad - relocate.

  11. Gail...It was.

    George and Suzie...We bought the new BBQ in the States and haven't used it once since coming back to Canada. Haven't had a nice day yet to cook outside.

    Sam and Donna.. I hope so, but I think the weather moves east but forgets that we are north as well.

    Kenny and Angela...I think we are too! We might just stay there next year.

    Chuck and Anneke...We have been thinking that since we arrived here on March 26 and we are still waiting. Glad you are enjoying lots of sunshine.

    Contessa...I think you are right about it being harder on people who have had sunshine all winter because the people who experienced winter are just happy its not cold and snowing. Hope your lake doesn't rise too much.

    Dale and Mary-Lou...I don't think it is just eastern Canada. BC is having lots of rain as well as Manitoba and a lot of the Northern States are having miserable weather.

    heyduke50...Glad you are looking at the bright side of things. Had some of it last night, nice and fresh, didn't even give it time to age.

    Rob...Glad the you are getting sunshine, I think you guys deserve it. You definitely get more rain than we do here on average.

    Life's a Journey...I wish! Crazy weather.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey

  12. Anonymous...We have seriously been thinking about it, but we came here for the summer to spend time with our daughter, her husband and our new little grandson. So this makes us want to stay and we keep thinking it can't last much longer....

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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