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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

It stopped raining just long enough yesterday morning to return the bikes to the back of Sherman. Our couchsurfing host David was at work, so we said goodbye to the other couchsurfers and headed out for the long drive to Lunenburg.

Just kidding…it was only 25 kms (15 miles)…

We headed directly to the Lunenburg Visitors Centre, and although it doesn’t officially open until the 16th, the girl working there, Tara, was very helpful with letting us know what to see in the area.

Sherman, parked up at the Board of Trade campground

She also said we could park for free without services in the nice little campground next door. It’s owned by the Lunenburg Board of Trade, but it also doesn’t open until the 16th.  Although we probably could have found a decent parking spot somewhere, the downtown area of Lunenburg seems to have a shortage of parking and the streets are not really suitable for an RV. The campground would definitely be the place to stay if you’re exploring Lunenburg with an RV. Rates for 2011 are $27.60 for an unserviced site, $35.65 for electric/water, and $37.95 for electric/water/sewer, all taxes included. (GPS 44.3777, -64.3043).

We left Whiskey behind to guard Sherman, and we went for a walk around the town. Lunenburg is a UNESCO world heritage site, because it is the best surviving example of a planned British colonial settlement, dating back to 1753. It also has a shipbuilding history, and is where the famous Bluenose II is currently undergoing renovations. We’re going to see that today, as well as the Fisheries Museum.

Memorial to those who have died at sea

Lunenburg is a colorful little town!

Yes, it’s still raining. This is day six, I think. Added to that is the high temperatures of around 10C (50F) and the wind. Not nice. The lack of sun means that our batteries are low, and we need to conserve power because we need the furnace. Sherman is not set up for this type of weather!


  1. Love Lunenburg, like you said so colouful. Either soon it will be summer or you will be back in Mexico, I sure hope you get summer soon.

  2. Lunenburg looks interesting and very colorful.Hope summer get to you soon so you can charge back up.

  3. I'm ashamed to admit that I've never been to Lunenburg. (um, so take a few extra pictures, would ya?) Finally made it to Peggy's Cove back in 2001! Bunch of tourists and rocks, really.
    Plus, judging by those camp ground rates, you can understand why camping out at my brother's farm is usually the way we spend any time in Nova Scotia.
    You'd think someone would come by and wash and wax the RV for that kind of money. Also probably why the Nova Scotia Camp Ground association (or whatever they're called) wanted to ban boondocking a few years back. Hm?

    I don't even want to say what the weather is like today in Vienna. You'll just cry.

    Hope you get sun soon.

  4. I am so enjoying my tour of Nova Scotia. I've never been there and may not ever make it. So I'm having so much fun learning all about it through your blog. Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. Love the town and the history! As to the rain, several years back after 40 days and nights of rain in Vancouver we put our house up for sale and moved to the sunny Okanagan. Now 8 years later the rain is here as well. I've said it before, the world is really not happy with us humans and adverse climate changes are becoming more apparent almost daily.

  6. Rain again here on the Island I must be really puter silly because I have tried to get my blog address here...but will still try...I also am enjoying your journey knowing i shall be on the same road in a few months....Mexico...don't get me going, safe travels Les

  7. What a drag it's raining so much!! Same weather back here in the valley. Hope the sun comes out soon! Glad to see you made it to Ross Farm! See you soon!

  8. Gotta test this. Hi Kevin, hi Ruth


  9. Back to the drawing board...

  10. George and Suzie...Love Lunenburg. Definitely wish summer or at least a deecent spring would arrive and fast!

    Kenny and Angela...Lunenburg has such gorgeous old buildings with lots of colour. Would look spectacular if the sun would shine.

    Bob...The campground is expensive in our opinion but is a good location and a nice little park. Seems to be in line with all the parks in Nova Scotia and the rest of Canada, that's why we like the boondocking. For people who like campgrounds it is ideal as almost everything is in walking distance.

    Jim and Sandie...Glad you are enjoying our travels through Nova Scotia, it really is a beautiful place, especially if we had some better weather.

    Contessa...I am sure there is a perfect place out there with perfect weather year round, we just have to find it.

    Les...Glad you are enjoying our trip, we are looking forward to seeing you out here. As for the blog address. Go back into the post and coppy what Kevin put down with our address. The whole thing, then past it to notebook or the like. Then where you see www.travelwithkevinandruth.com, take out ours and put in yours, mexicokid.blogspot.com in both places, only what is written above, then copy that and try it. Good luck.

    Tracey...Thanks Tracey, we enjoyed Ross Farm Museum.

    Croft...Try again, you'll get it. Look at the reply to Les.

    Bob...You got it.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey

  11. Oh does the picture of Sherman at the Board of Trade CG bring back memories. That is where I fell, in a rush to go see Lunenburg, getting out of our RV last June and broke my leg. Be careful!

  12. Evelyn and Steve...Doesn't sound like it was a good memory! Hope you were able to enjoy the rest of your trip.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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