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Friday, May 27, 2011

Guess what?

It's been raining again.   I know, I know everyone is tired about everyone's post complaining about the weather. I guess we are lucky, considering we just have to deal with wet weather while others are dealing with floods and tornadoes.  We really feel for those people, some have lost everything or are trying to save everything from rising waters.

Over the last couple of days it has been pretty much the usual here.  Went for a nice walk the other day and saw a great place that Sherman could park up beside a river.  The only problem is that he wouldn't be able to make it there!

Nice spot by the river

The road or path that Sherman won't be going down.  This is actually a road allowance that the snowmobiles and ATVs use 

It was cool, but not cold...the hood is up because of the mosquitoes!

An osprey nest in the distance

It's pretty big

The other night my Dad had a lady friend over for supper and he asked me to make a roast lamb along with roast potatoes, fresh green beans, gravy and mint sauce...yummy!

Yesterday and today it rained so we didn't really do too much, a bit of cleaning and some cooking.  Managed to get a few walks in between the rain as well.

Tomorrow I am going for breakfast with a couple of girls that I went through school with and on Sunday we are all going to Kevin's Mom's for supper.  The weather's not looking good for the weekend, maybe they will be wrong....

Don't forget about our contest for an RV cover click here for the details.  The draw for the contest will be next Friday so don't miss your chance to win it.  Also this the second post for today so if you missed Kevin's earlier post just click on the previous post to view it.


  1. I think the weather is our main topic of conversation because we are all being affected by it. Some places a whole lot worse than others. But I'm glad you got out for your walk between the raindrops. Not impressed with the mosquitoes though. You can keep them.

  2. It seems that the world as we know it is evolving....not good!

  3. The leg of lamb sounds delicious, the weather will get better soon, I am sure !

  4. Well, we finally got some of your rain here in Vienna. It's been raining pretty steady since yesterday afternoon some time. (Friday, May 27,2011 or six days "post Rapture" for anyone who's counting)
    The thing is, we actually need it. It must be due to having been born on a farm, but if it's sunny for too many days, I start to look to the sky.
    Having food to eat is a good thing.
    Can't say I miss those mosquitoes!

  5. "post Rapture"! - thanks for the laugh of the day, Bob.

  6. The meal really sounds delish. Hope your Dad's friend enjoyed it. I noticed I can't see your followers or recent comments either. Are you able to see them?

  7. Jim and Sandie...Where would we be if we couldn't talk about the weather. Some farmers here still haven't been able to plant their fields. I don't want to keep the mosquitoes!

    Contessa....Got to find Utopia!

    George and Suzie...The lamb was good. Lamb soup for lunch today.

    Bob...Glad you are getting rain, just hope it knows when to stop for you.

    Elaine...I'm with you.

    pidge...Everyone enjoyed the meal, it was delish. So far the follower are showing up today.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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