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Friday, May 20, 2011

A Nice Hike

This is the second post for the day.  To read Kevin's earlier post just click on the previous post.

We I didn't do very much yesterday.  I woke up to rain and it continued off and on throughout the day.  So I stayed inside for most of it.  I did make my dad his favourite cake and later took KC, my dad's dog for a short walk while there was a break in the weather.  Then later on made a nice fish dish for supper.

Today started off better, so my Dad and I went down to the Morris Island Conservation Area to take KC for a nice walk.  My Dad comes down here fairly regularly and KC loves it. 

We started out on the Causeway Trail which goes through an inlet.  At the moment the water level is still down.  There is a dam not too far up the river and during the winter they lower the level.  It should be up higher soon.

A family of Canada geese

The inlet that the Causeway Trail passes through

My Dad and KC by one of his favourite spots on the trail

We then went on another trail that isn't kept up by the conservation group and that led us to a logging trail.  The mosquitoes were out but for the most part if you kept moving they didn't bother you too much.  That will change as we saw lots of young mosquito larvae which look like very tiny tadpoles swimming around in the puddles and ponds.  It takes 5-14 days to go from egg to larvae to pupae and when they will emerge into an adult.  So I think we will be in trouble in a very short time.

KC on the Causeway Trail

A very large water snake sunning himself, I almost stepped on him/her

Yes, we actually saw the sun today, it started coming out as we headed back out on our hike.  We were out for about two hours.  My Dad had a hip replacement done at the end of January and did well considering we went over some pretty rough spots.  He still hobbles a bit but does really well.  Unfortunately his other hip is giving him lots of pain and is now schedule to have that one replaced sometime in September or earlier if a cancellation comes up.   He is looking forward to getting all this behind him.

We had another relaxing afternoon and enjoyed the sunshine.  Got his truck ready for me to drive tomorrow to Plattsburgh to pick up our son, Alex from university for the very last time, yah!  He is graduating with a math degree and after the summer he will be looking for a fulltime job in that field.

It is raining again as I write this.  We had a good old thunder storm just a short time ago.  They are forcasting a beautiful day tomorrow, I sure hope so, it wouldn't be much fun moving him in the rain.


  1. Being able to spend time with your Dad is so special. I really miss mine and sure wish we could go on a walk together. That snake would have been the end of me. Water or not - it's still a snake. We're hoping for sunshine tomorrow also. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  2. Yes it so nice to be able to spend quality time with your Dad.

  3. Good for your Dad to be out hiking. I wish him an earlier surgery date. We have not seen any ducklings or chicks at all this spring. Many fewer geese around as the city has started an egg addling program.

  4. Jim and Sandie...Yes it is nice to spend time with my Dad and it is special. I know what you mean as I really miss my Mum and the walks I had with her. Yesterday was a nice day but today we are back to overcast.

    George and Suzie..It sure is.

    Contessa...He likes getting out and taking KC for a nice hike/walk. Never heard of an addling program until I looked it up. I have to admit there are lots of Canada geese around and they sure are messy! They don't know how to poop and scoop after themselves.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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