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Friday, December 10, 2010

Valle de Bravo (day 4)

We had no plans today, so we just hung around with Sherman and Whiskey and Oso and enjoyed the day. Did some reading, and Ruth did another few items of hand laundry. I cleaned the carpet of some of Whiskey's dog hair!

Around 3:00pm, we decided to go for a walk along the road and see if any of the little stores that were within walking distance had some items that we were looking for. But they didn't. Maybe Saturday we will go into the main part of town and wander around.

When we returned, there was some people set up with barbeques and meat at the hotel on the property where we are parked up. As we were walking by, the guy doing most of the cooking asked in English if we wanted to have some. We stopped to talk to him, and before we knew it someone else had made us a taco with meat and handed it to us.

So we ate...and as we did, someone handed us a glass of pop. Turned out that a group of ranchers were having a party of some kind. We were gracious and thanked them for their kindness, but we didn't want to intrude so we finished up and went back to Sherman. As we were sitting outside doing some reading and playing with Oso, one of the younger lads from the barbeque came back to us and insisted that we return for more tacos and meat. So we did.

Ramon, the first guy that we spoke to, had spent 8 years working in Wisconsin and his English was really good. Having someone like that around who is fairly bilingual really helps us with our Spanish. Anyhow, some of the ranchers kept an ear on our conversation, and they (and one of their wives) kept bringing us more food. Lamb on the barbeque, and a plate of traditional chicken with mole sauce.

Then of course, the men brought out the tequila and whiskey. We had a few drinks of that...and all before 6:00pm!

We brought Ramon and two of his brothers in to see Sherman. They thought it was great, that we could travel their country in a motorhome. I don't think they quite understood the concept of not owning a traditional home, but they thought Sherman was neat.

And, I picked their brains regarding our possible route to Acapulco from here. We're going to take some back roads not normally traversed by a motorhome, so there is going to be more adventure when we leave here next week!


  1. Sure looks like great fun and nice people!

  2. Wow what a great, day, don't you just love the way the ordinary Mexican people share their good fortune with family, friend's and stranger's alike.That was one of the first things I noticed when we went there, they are a happy and friendly bunch. Be Safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  3. What great hospitality! It's sure nice to see this kind of welcome instead of the usual news about shootings and drug violence along the Mexican border.

  4. Now that's what it's all about! Being in the right place at the right time and meeting amazing people. {{hugs}}

  5. This is why we love Mexico! Everyone is friendly, they welcome you in like family. It is nice to see and feel their warmth and friendship. Too bad you don't hear more of this on the news!

    Kevin and Ruth


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