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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Puerto Escondido

We left Playa Ventura at around 8:30am. We’re going to be heading back north along this coast in another six to eight weeks, so we will be stopping in again. But at that time we’re going to try and spend a week or so there.

We drove non stop for about three hours on all kinds of road conditions. Mex 200 is the only highway running along this part of the coast and it’s a two lane road all the way. Some of it is recently paved and in good condition, and I was even able to put the cruise control on at around 85 km/h (52 mph) in a couple of sections. But other parts are bumpy and with many sharp curves. And of course quite a few villages with their many topes.

We stopped at a Pemex (gas station) for lunch at around noon. Just for fun, I tried to get a wi-fi signal, but there was nothing. Then just for fun, I tried the internet stick, and there was a signal, and it connected! Our time was supposed to have run out on the 22nd but apparently there’s a glitch in the system. So that’s nice, but we will refill it anyhow when we get to Puerto Escondido.

And at 3:30pm we pulled into our spot beside the river in Barra de Colotopec, 7 kms past Puerto. We had spent eight enjoyable days here in late February 2009. Once we got parked up, I walked into the restaurant that Victor owned, but it turns out he sold it and is currently in the U.S., so I walked the short distance to the house where Mary lives with Alfredo’s mom Sylvia and his father Hermalindo. Said all of our hellos and we were all happy to see each other. But then Mary suggested that because Victor didn’t own the restaurant anymore that we should come and park in their driveway. It won’t be as scenic, but that’s fine for a few days.

Unfortunately, Mary’s husband Alfredo is still in the U.S. as well, and he won’t be here while we are here. Mary is the only one here who speaks English, so we are already getting a lot more practice with our Spanish. Their daughter Nataly is now 2 ½ years old and is a bundle of energy!

Mary, Alex, and Ruth

Immediately, we were invited to dinner and a party next door for a little boy who had been baptised. They made a spot for us, and we were brought food and drinks and everybody welcomed us.

Alfredo’s father Hermalindo is a higher up in the Ministerial Police, and works out of town quite a bit. But he has five days off for Christmas and apparently we have the use of his car during this period and Mary is looking forward to taking us to some different local beaches. Also, we have some errands to run and there is a new Bodega (owned by Walmart) store in Puerto so we’ll stock up on some groceries again. And, all three of us want to see a dentist here as well.

We were also invited to a festival this evening with traditional dance in a nearby village, but unfortunately we declined. It was a long day and we were all tired. We were in bed before 10:00pm!


  1. Nice place, great friends, what better way to spend christmas!

    Have a great Christmas you guys, enjoy your warm weather (love Ruth's tan!).

  2. Thanks for the posts, we are heading out from cold Ontario to Puerto in our 84 Westfalia next week, Merry Xmass

  3. The thing about Mex 200 that frustrated us was the encroaching branches. We were forced to drive in the middle of the road except when an approaching vehicle forced us back into our own lane and the tree branches rubbed along the side. Very frustrating with a brand new (at the time) motorhome!

  4. Exploring new places at Christmas-a great adventure. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  5. Hope you have a most enjoyable Christmas day. Keep meaning to ask you how are you finding the costs in Mexico compared to 2 years ago?

  6. Merry Christmas Ruth and Kevin...and Whiskey!
    - Mary Ann and William

  7. WBY...Thanks, we will. Haven't been working on the tan, that is from just walking around. The weather is so nice. Hope you and SD have a Merry Christmas too!

    Anonymous... Have safe trip down. We'll keep the temperature turned up for you and have the sun shining bright for when you arrive. Merry Christmas.

    Croft...We never found that to be a problem either this trip or last, they must have cut them back for us. Mind you the road is narrow and very twisty and windy. Hope you both have a very Merry Christmas.

    Chuck and Anneke... You bet. Hope you both have a very Merry Christmas.

    Steve and Glen...Looks like you had a great Christmas and nice weather. Was your plum pudding good? Gas is a little more expensive but most of the other things seem about the same, maybe very slightly higher.

    Mary Ann and William...Merry Chistmas to you. Hope the weather is good in Texas.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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