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Monday, December 27, 2010

Puerto Escondido (day 5)

We were invited in for breakfast again this morning. But my stomach can’t handle the food they eat for breakfast. Normally for us, Ruth has a bowl of porridge in the morning, and I have a bowl of Special K, or Corn Flakes or Shreddies or something like that. Anything heavier waits for the lunch hour.

Yesterday they had chicken in hot sauce. Today was some kind of beef with onions and gravy and tacos. Alex and Ruth have been eating it, but I know my stomachs limits and had to respectfully decline.

Then we headed into Puerto to visit a dentist. Mary and Nataly came with us as Mary had volunteered to play translator if necessary. Usually, the sign for the dentist just says “Dentista”. But this dentist had a sign that said “La Casa de la Muela” which directly translated would mean House of the Tooth.

So we go to the outdoor waiting area where a young woman of about 23 years old led us to the office. The dentist wasn’t busy and could take us right away. I went first. The young woman followed me to the chair, and got me set up. She then proceeded to put on the mask and the rubber gloves, because she was actually the dentist!

Turns out she had only just graduated dental college this year, after 5 years of school in Mexico City. It seemed odd to have someone so young working on my teeth, but I figured maybe a recent college grad knows the latest techniques better than some old dentist.

Long story short, I was in the chair a bit more than an hour as I had to have a crown made for one broken molar. Also had one small filling done. And I have to return on Friday to have the permanent crown installed. Total cost for the consultation, the inspection, the filling, and the crown comes to 1300 pesos ($108.33) including the upcoming Friday visit.

Ruth was next, and hers was about the same as mine except she had one more cavity than me and also had some sort of cleaning. Her bill was 1600 pesos ($133.33). She also has to return on Friday.

Alex had an inspection and one very small cavity repaired. His bill was 300 pesos ($25.00).

I said last time we were in Mexico that I would never use a Canadian or American dentist again unless in an emergency. I simply cannot figure out why our society has put dentists and doctors on such a financial pedestal. I have a suspicion that it has something to do with our use of insurance for such items, because I doubt that many Mexicans have dental insurance. Whatever the reasons, the bottom line is that Mexican dental work is very inexpensive by our standards.

On the way back to Sherman, Alex and I got off the collectivo early and walked down to Playa Zicatela to check and see if we could park at Uncle Eugenio’s hotel and restaurant. He wasn’t there, but his wife remembered us, and said no problem. So we’re going to drive over there tomorrow morning. It’s a beautiful spot and it’s right on the beach.
My cold is a little better today, I think the worst is over!


  1. WOW that is really good prices for the dentist. I agree about the dentists up here gouging, but you are right about the insurance paying for most of it. I guess it's the deep pocket theory.

    I missed pictures today!!!

    Glad to hear you are feeling better.!


  2. WBY...It is an excellent price for the dentist. She took great care in making sure we were comfortable and had the lastest technology. Everything was every sterile. Looking forward to Friday when we get our crowns put on. My tooth feels great today, but have to be careful with the temporary filling, Kevin lost his this morning with breakfast, but said it isn't bothering him so he will wait until we go back on Friday to have it fixed. Unfortunately he is feeling worst today and will see a doctor if possible, he thinks maybe he has an infection. Should have some pictures from the beach today.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey

  3. I am thinking of getting some Mexican dental work done too. My bridge here in the US cost over $3,000.00 I need one on the other side and will get an estimate I think when we are down thataway in AZ in March. A quick daytrip down and back for an estimate and probably one more trip back for the actual bridge.

    I think the malpractice insurance the US dentists are forced to pay also drives up the high prices, and go hand in hand with the mess of our health insurance rates. It all causes trouble in the dental care in the US.

    Karen and Steve
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  4. Karen and Steve...Kevin had a bridge done in Mexico almost two years ago and could not be happier with the work, it cost us about $550 in Chetumal. It has been totally problem free. After that we said we would not have dental work done in Canada again.

    We agree with you about the malpratice, I think Canada has a similiar problem and then of course you can add in the incsurance company's take in there.

    Happy New Year
    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey

  5. Do you remember the name of the dentist? I am heading there next week. I may need a crown . thanks.

    1. So sorry Tom, we really don't remember anymore. I even went back and looked at posts from the following year because we went back there again with our daughter this time. I thought that we would have mentioned a name or at least a photo but unfortunately we didn't. When we did go back with our daughter the following year it was a different dentist though. Hope you are able to find someone there, which I am sure that you will if you just ask around.

      Enjoy your time in Puerto Escondido, we are really missing not being able to go there this winter.


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