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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Preston, Lancashire, England.

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Valle de Bravo (day 7)

Yet another coasting day with blue sky and sunshine. At the risk of having jealous or envious readers upset with us, I have to mention that we haven’t seen any precipitation since we were in Dallas, Texas area exactly a month ago on November 13.

I figured I had better get some work done around the “house”, so I cleaned Sherman’s carpet and then because it was such a calm morning I decided to paint the moulding along the rear on the driver’s side. I had done the passenger side at some point last summer, but never finished the driver’s side.

These mouldings get stained over time with mould and mildew and it is virtually impossible to remove. It’s a common problem with RV’s and I decided it’s easier just to paint it.

I had resealed the seems over the summer, so the caulking part of it was done. Just had to mask it off to prevent overspray, and give a couple of light coats as a sealer. After that, I could spray a few heavier coats to leave a nice smooth finish.

I made sure to use a lacquer based paint as that would contain strong enough solvent to bite in to the plastic…should be enough adhesion that it will never come off.

What a big difference. This is an easy do it yourself job that makes your mouldings and trim like new again!

We invited the owner of the property, Santiago, his wife Carmen, and their children to come for dinner. Ruth made a big batch of fish and rice and veggies. It went over very well, and she also made chocolate chip cookies in the motorhome.

Afterwards, Santiago made a campfire and we sat outside.

Santiago, his wife Carmen, and children Isidro (10) and Mariel (8).

Mariel, with Oso. Mariel is such a sweetheart!

Isidro with Oso. He is a happy and polite young man!

Ruth and Santiago having a dance!

Sounds like tomorrow is going to be a busy day. Santiago asked if we wanted to visit town with him in the morning, and then he is going to make beef barbeque for us for lunch. After lunch when the wind is stronger he is going to take us in the sailboat around the lake. He says he is a good and experienced marinero (sailor)!

Our Spanish - English dictionary had quite a work out this evening!


  1. Looks like you're having a wonderful time! With the exception of some rain in Reno we haven't seen rain for five months or so, although we just saw our first fog tonight. Since leaving New York I had almost forgotten what it was like to drive through a cloud.

  2. It sounds like you're meeting a lot of very nice people.

  3. looks like you found a nice family in a great location to show you around...

  4. ourtakeonfreedom...I like not seeing clouds. It is cold at night but beautiful during the day. Not sure we would ever get sick of it.

    Karen and Al...Yes, we are very lucky to have found such a nice place and such a great family.

    heyduke50...They have been wonderful. We are really getting a chance to practice our spanish with them.

    Chuck and Anneke...We are enjoying it. Hope it starts to warm up there for you. We are hearing that it has been very chilly in Florida for this time of year.

    Kevin and Ruth


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