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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ottawa, Canada.

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Playa Zicatela (day 3)

After breakfast, we took Whiskey for a walk along the beach. As we got to the end of the beach near the rocks, a couple of guys came out of the water with snorkelling gear…and a net full of fish!

After our walk, we grabbed the chairs and got ourselves set up in the shade in front of the restaurant. Ruth was reading her book and Alex and I were nicely into a marathon session of backgammon games when Eugenios wife came over and said that Mary had called and asked her to ask us if we wanted to go back to her place and have enchiladas. Eugenios wife doesn’t speak any English, so Ruth and I were pretty pleased that we understood pretty much everything she told us!

I was pretty happy sitting in our spot in the shade, and didn’t really have the ambition to get up and walk to the highway and take a collectivo over to her place…but we did it anyhow. When we got there, she fed us beans and tortillas, saying the the enchiladas would be ready in three hours or so! We could have still been sitting in our spot in the shade. Anyhow, we made the best of the situation and went over to the the little restaurant stand that Sylvie runs over by the river. We stayed there for a couple of hours and Whiskey even played in the water.

Kevin and Whiskey playing in the river

Alex, just hanging around!

And, they had a very comfortable hammock that I had a nap in for a while. I’ve decided I want to buy a hammock. Maybe tomorrow when we finish up at the dentist, Mary might know of a place downtown where I won’t have to pay tourist prices. And if she’s with us, I won’t have to pay gringo prices either. We have come across a couple of minor situations where people have tried to charge us more than a local would normally pay.

Alex, having some fresh coconut juice

When we found out that the enchiladas were not going to be served up (we’ve learned that plans change regularly in Mexico!) we headed back to Zicatela and sat and played backgammon some more.

Our internet connection from here has not been great. It’s actually been very inconsistent. Yesterday, we were able to use it for Skype, and today it sucked. So this evening, Alex and I took the laptop across the street to a restaurant that has internet and sat and had a drink in order to get the password.
There is a big wedding going on at the restaurant where we are parked. Lots of people, and a live band. If it’s a good party, it could be a late night. I’m better today, but not 100% yet, so am still looking for another good nights sleep. I think it will be an earplugs night. And of course tomorrow is New Years Eve, so it may be noisy again. We’ve already been invited out, but I think I will have to decline. Maybe Alex and/or Ruth will end up going somewhere.


  1. Hope Kevin gets rid of the cold so he can be back up to 100%. Look's like another great day in paradise. be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. Happy New Year to you guys, all the best for 2011!!!


    Karyn and SD

  3. Yes Kevin get well soon and have a Happy and Healthy New Year !

  4. Sam and Donna...Thanks, Happy New Year, hope you have a great one.

    WBY...Happy New Year to you and SD, hope to see you out on the road this year!

    George and Suzie...Thanks! Have a great New Year's as well.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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