Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? South towards Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Acapulco (day 2)

Ended up sleeping fine last night. The construction noise didn’t start again until around 9:00am. At that point, we were leaving for a walk with Whiskey. At least there is lots of space here to take Whiskey for a walk.

We dropped Whiskey back at Sherman and put the air conditioner on for her. We notice that the seasonal people rarely have their air conditioning running because they have to pay metered electricity and that is very expensive in Mexico. This is why we wanted a daily rate that didn’t include electric. But since there is no special price for that, we are using the electric as much as we want.

Then we went to check out the local area. This trailer park is not on the beach, but the beach is walking distance. Sort of. We wanted to head down to the road that runs closest to the beach, but even that wasn’t easy to find so we walked the mile or so to the Walmart. Didn’t see anything along the way that looked like a decent spot for Sherman. What we’re looking for is maybe a restaurant or hotel that has a secure parking area that Sherman would fit into where we could pay them to let us park there overnight.

So we went into Walmart, did a big grocery shop, and took a taxi (50 pesos, $4.20) back to Sherman.

By this time it was around noon, and I went and paid for one more night. The french woman says “only one?” and I asked about the internet again. She just shook her head. I said “yes, only one”. We had originally told her we were looking to spend five nights here. And we still may, but tomorrow morning we are going for a walk in the other direction and might come across something.

After lunch, we just lazed around and read. We did go for a dip in the swimming pool and that was enjoyably refreshing.

Construction noise, even on a Friday, didn’t stop until around 6:00pm. Hopefully they’ll take a break this weekend, but Saturday is normally a work day in Mexico. We don’t understand the seasonals who rent these lots and put up these permanent structures around their RV. And there would constantly be someone having construction work done, so we doubt the noise ever totally goes away. Maybe our opinion will change as we get older, but if we were going to stay in one spot in Mexico all winter, it seems more logical to drive down in a car and just rent an apartment. But that’s just us.

We had bought some t-bone steaks at Walmart and made them for dinner. They were a little tough, and we should know to stick with rib eye’s because we always have good luck with them. Paid 72 pesos ($6.00) for the two of them, but the rib eye’s would have been only slightly more.

We used our cellular internet stick along with Skype to call our daughter Lindsey and then my Mom and Ruth's Dad. We had read that this uses lots of bandwidth and that the connection wouldn't be good and that's why we hadn't tried it up until now. But for us, it worked perfectly and didn't use nearly the bandwidth we had expected. This will probably only work well when we have a 3G connection using the stick. When we are in less populated areas, we can only connect using the older EDGE network and it's quite a bit slower.


  1. Wow, just catching up on you guys. I can't believe you need to learn french in Mexico! LOL!
    Sounds like a real treat, this woman at the RV park. Hope you find another spot for Sherman!
    Glad to see the temps are good, shorts and shirt weather for sure.
    Enjoy, Im off to shovel AGAIN..... yikes.


  2. I am trying to imagine where you guys are. We were in Acapulco for the Grand Opening of the Wal-Mart on the main drag in town. THey even had a Lear Jet in the Parking Lot. Dont know how they managed that or why. We stayed in the Diamante area and it would have been a long walk to that Wal-Mart, so maybe there is another out closer in the Diamante area.

  3. I've been following you since you got new tires. Enjoying the input and challenges, based on the news in Mexico I don't think I'd feel safe there but this gives me very good insight and I appreciate it.
    I guess when I was your age I was a bit less concerned with the challenges age seems to bring.
    Weather/temperture is what I truly admire there.
    Enjoy it while you have the means and drive to roam.
    Have you considered datastorm users to track your travels?

  4. WBY...we went and paid for another day today. The woman in the office has no personality at all. Oh well. At least the got their internet working now, but it's slow as molasses.

    Chrissy y Keith...the Diamante Trailer Park entrance is exactly opposite the entrance to the autopista bypass. Maybe 1 mile away from the Walmart, towards the airport. The airport is about 3 miles from here. sounds like maybe you did your share of roaming when you were younger! We are not datastorm users, so I don't believe we can use them to track us.

  5. You don't need to be a datastorm user, I use my DSL connection to post my location.
    If you look at the interactive the information below the map gives information about the user and how they post.
    Just a thought as it's a free feature and simple to poost sing co-ordinates you can get from any gps or google maps.
    Enjoy the lifestye.

  6. Ah, okay then, we'll check it out. Thanks for the link, MeCa!


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