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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Playa Ventura (day 2)

A lot of Mexicans are on holiday now, so Playa Ventura is a little busier than when we were here in February 2009. There is another family tent camping at our spot, so we are sharing the private swimming pool.

We set up our table and chairs in the shade of a palapa overlooking the beach, and then took Whiskey for a walk. It was a pretty lazy day consisting of book reading, card playing, and backgammon. Ruth and I did walk into town (about 1km, .6 mile) and pick up a few grocery items while Alex stayed behind with Whiskey.

And then around sunset we walked along the beach in the other direction.

Still no cellular signal here, so tomorrow on the way to Puerto Escondido we’ll try and get our internet account refilled. It may have to wait until we’re actually in Puerto Escondido and that’s about 280 kms (174 miles) and a six hour drive tomorrow.

Alex arrived in Mexico with a bit of a cold, which hasn’t gotten any better yet. Now it seems I’m feeling a little scratchy in the throat area. I haven’t had a cold in a long time, so hopefully I can fight this one off.


  1. Uh oh, don't get all sick on yourself!

    Looks like a nice beach :)

  2. Ruth & Kevin, you guys , and Whiskey have a great Christmas Holiday, we will be along with Rigg''s in spirit running along the beach with you, we have snow predicted for today and tonight so we will have a white Christmas we can share with you.Please have a great Christmas and we will follow along with your adventures when you leave.Be safe out there. your friend's Sam & Donna..

  3. The sun set looks great. Have a great Christmas. No man flu allowed!!!
    Best wishes Tony and Helen xx

  4. WBY..I think Kevin is going to be fine. He felt better today, hopefully he will get a good sleep tonight and feel like normal tomorrow, Christmas Day.

    Sam and Donna...Thank you we will do our best to have a good Christmas. It is nice to be here with friends and Alex, but will miss the rest of our family at home. We hope that you, Donna, Rigg's and the rest of your family have a great time. Hope you don't get too much snow but just enough for a white Christmas.

    Tony and Helen...Thanks! You have a great Christmas as well. Say hi to Kelly, Paul, Rorie and Stuart for us. No man flu happening!

    Again, Merry Christmas everyone have a safe and happy holiday.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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