The village of Ducaj near Boge, Albania.
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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Playa Zicatela (day 2)

Finally had another good night’s sleep. I didn’t bother going to the doctor because the ear pain had pretty much disappeared. Still a little clogged up I think, but not enough to worry about. Had a bad headache most of the day though, and I don’t get headaches! So hopefully another good night sleep will fix things up. Ruth has been fine through all of this, and Alex has his sunburn to worry about.

Alex got up and went for a run on the beach. He’s in pretty good shape and can do the 10k in about 45 minutes. So he went out for about a half an hour and came back exhausted. We explained to him how much energy a sunburn can take out of your system. I think he gets it now!

Sherman, parked up outside the restaurant.

The tent camping area amongst the palm trees is pretty busy.

Anyway, we all pretty much spent the day lazing about. I watched the stock market for a few hours on the internet, while Ruth and Alex played cards, in the shade, in front of the restaurant facing the beach.

We had dinner in Uncle Eugenio’s restaurant tonight. Alex had the fish, and Ruth and I had the garlic shrimp. Alex and I each had a beer. Ruth had a pina colada. Total bill was 420 pesos ($35.00).

Finished watching a movie that we had started the other night…”Kick-Ass”. It was a little stupid, but it did have some entertaining moments.

This is a nice spot. I like it here! I think we’ll stay another couple of days!


  1. It sure looks like a nice spot to us, anywhere there is a swimming beach is a nice spot for Sam, Him & Adam should have gills.Glad to see your ear is improving that could really be a pain. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  2. Beautiful pictures and a great looking dinner. Happy New Year!


  3. That water and sunshine looks pretty nice!

  4. Nice photos, great place and yummy looking food! what more can you ask for?

    Hope the headache gets better!


  5. Those Mexican beaches look fantastic! So did that dinner!!

  6. Sam and Donna...It is a beautiful beach, but technically it isn't real safe for swimming, there is suppose to be a strong undertow at times and often they have a red flag out that most people seem to ignore. It is a good spot for surfing though.

    John and Ellen...It was a great dinner and sure love the prices. Best wishes for a Happy New Year to you both as well.

    Karen and Al...It is almost to hot especially when trying to cook a meal, but I'm not complaining. Hope everything is going well for you and that you have a great New Year!


    WBY...We can't ask for much else except for Kevin to feel better, which he is, slowly but surely!

    Rick and Paulette...The beaches are great here. Looking forward to the next one which is great for snorkelling. Hope you have gotten off on you trip alright. We haven't had great internet so I haven't been on very much to see how it is going. Will start to catch up on them soon. Safe travels!

    Again wishing everyone the best for the New Year.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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