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Thursday, December 16, 2010


Had a peaceful night in the parking lot at the caves, and left there about 7:30am. We needed gas, although not desperately. Eventually we saw a station near the entrance to the toll road to Acapulco and put in 1,000 pesos (about $84) worth of fuel. Sure enough, this station also accepted our Visa card. We’re 4 for 4 with using our Visa card for gas in Mexico now.

From the gas station, we had missed the confusing entrace to the toll road, but our gas station attendant gave us good direction to get back to it. We had to make a goofy u-turn, but other than that, our driving day was very smooth.

Smooth, because we had treated Sherman to a day on the autopista! This is the modern 4 lane expressway that goes from Mexico City to Acapulco. It’s a toll road, and toll roads in Mexico are known to be expensive. But after yesterday, Sherman (and Kevin) deserved a break!

We drove about 300 kms (185 miles) in total today, and about 260 kms (160 miles) of that was on the autopista. The toll charges for Sherman came to 691 pesos ($58.00). And it was money well spent! We had the road pretty much to ourselves. Oh, and good thing we had bought gas when we did, because gas stations along this freeway were few and far between. We were very surprised that there was no major fuel station along this route.

We arrived at the Diamante Trailer Park near the Acapulco airport at around 12:30pm. We were hesitant about coming here because it’s a little pricey and is well known to be filled with Quebecers. But it’s only 5 kms (3 miles) from the airport and our son Alex is coming in from New York City on Monday to visit with us for 3 weeks. Plus, it’s almost walking distance to Walmart and other large stores for stocking up for our time south of here.

But those are the only positives. Our thinking was that we would be able to stay here for 150 pesos per night because we don’t need electric. But the french speaking woman in the office said she had no price option for non electric, there was just one price and it was 250 pesos per night. This alone was a bit unexpected because the new Mexico camping book gave a price listing of “between $15 and $20 US”.

The place is fairly busy, and many people are constructing metal “palapas” over their lot the same way they were doing it in Cabo San Lucas. Because there are some under construction, there is also quite a bit of construction noise!

Not happy, so went to the french speaking woman again and asked for a discount because of the noise. She just shrugged her shoulders and mumbled something in french. Then I asked about the internet (the Mexico camping book says they have free internet) but she says “tomorrow telmex is coming to fix it”. We have the cellular stick, so it’s not a big concern but that’s not the point. So I ask for a discount because there’s no internet. I even point to their flyer where it says “internet” under services offered. She just shrugs her shoulders.

So we’ve only paid for one night…tomorrow morning we will go explore other options, but if nothing convenient comes up close by, we’ll just wait it out here and pay for the five nights. Even now, the guy in the 5th wheel in front of us has his TV turned up so loud that I can hear the hockey game in French. And another group of them has an outdoor movie playing so loud that we can hear every word…in French. Sorry, but even if the stuff was in English, this is not our style of RV’ing.

Today's drive. About 300 kms (185 miles)

Had to share the weather forecast for the next five days. Sorry.
31C (88F) during the day, and 19C (66F) at night.


  1. What beautiful weather you'll be having. I don't think I'd like that rv park either from what you've said, but at least it's warm!

  2. Hope you find better accommodation's I have had only one bad experience with Quebecor's, I and let the guy know who pushed his way in front of the elderly lady who was waiting in front of me at the grocery store that if he didn't get out of line I would throw him out of the store. Wish I knew French to understand the curses he was throwing at me but he left as I am a big guy. Obviously he knew perfect English. Don't let it ruin your so far great vacation. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. I was in the RV park in PV last year that is also 99% French Canadians so i know how you feel i just made sure every person I passed I spoke a friendly hello to in Spanish!!!!! Enjoy that great weather and the time with your son..still the same here in SMA..life is good, cheers Les

  4. I've run across just as many ignorant non-Quebecers in my travels and they come from all different nationalities. RV park owners can be a strange breed and the worst ones we've ever encountered were a Swiss couple in Alberta! Absolutely terrible.

  5. Too bad about that park, we have hit the odd one, but usually just move on, hope you find an alternative, for the few days you need to be there. Enjoying the nice weather may help a bit.

  6. Karen and Al..Weather is great, no complaints there. The park on the other hand...they say hot showers, NOT!

    Sam and Donna...We really haven't come across anyone yet that has been rude, but because we don't speak french, no one really talks to us.

    Les...That's what we have been doing. We get some strange looks though! Always give them a nice friendly smile.

    Rick and Paulette...They certainly don't make you feel like you are getting you money's worth here. The lady at the desk knows we aren't happy with the noise, no internet, no hot water in the showers (there is suppose to be)and she doesn't do anything to try and make us happy.

    George and Suzie...Haven't found anywhere else yet, but we will keep looking. Kevin just went to pay for one more night. Keep the fingers crossed for us.

    Kevin and Ruth

  7. Hey Kevin....we stayed at the Wal mart there last year. The price was right and it was quiet!!!

  8. As someone used to Fahrenheit, at first glance those temperatures looked COLD!

  9. Paula and Jerry...It might have been an option, but because we are here for several days and we have Whiskey with us, I don't think it would work.

    Ourtakeonfreedom...Yes, the picture Kevin posted is in celcius, but underneath Kevin did put the temperature in Fahrenheit. All you need to know is that it is beautiful here!

    Kevin and Ruth

  10. Too bad that park isn't what you wanted. Hopefully you'll find something better. But the weather sure sounds great. Sometimes you just have to wonder why people take a job dealing with customers, when they have no customer service skills. They must be very unhappy people...or maybe they enjoy ticking people off.

  11. Margie and Roger...Unfortunately it's not the greatest...to us anyway. We haven't really had much luck at finding anywhere else yet. The weather is great though and got to walk along the beach this morning.

    I guess when it isn't their place they don't really care or they know that there aren't really other options so its shut up and pay up.

    Kevin and Ruth

    1. Thank you for your blog, it has helped me figuring my way back and buy passing Distrito Federal.
      I'm very sorry that you have had a bad experience. As I am a ''Quebecer'' I feel concerned about what has been said here. My father in-law has a trailer at Diamante Trailer Park. We came to visit him last year, and fell in love with the mexican culture. So this year, we have decided to come for 3 months. We are home schooling the kids in the morning, take spanish lessons in the after-noon and plan a few visits here and there.
      Our experience with the Trailer park has been wonderfull. I have to agree about the old lady at the front desk, boy is she something.Is she the first elder that makes me feel like she don't want my business? I've had one telling me I couldn't park my rv in their hotel's parking lot saying it would look to much like they accept campers. The thing is we wanted to rent a room because it was to cold out for camping. And that was in Kentucky!! Its not only what she said its how she sais it. In Texas when we arrived at 5:30pm they told me they were closed since 5. When I asked if there were any alternatives nearby they told me to plan ahead and looked at me turn arround and leave.Like someone else here wrote, why do people like that deal with public?
      As for the Trailer Park, I agree that it is more of a community that retired campers spend all winter here. Even for us, its difficult at times to participate in some activities, only because of the 2 or 3 that seem's to be ignoring you in the group. They are probably just shy.
      But there is so much to do here its allways busy. The campers are allways planning fun stuff and accepts everyone. There are a few americans and enlish canadians from Ontario.All this to say it allways hurts to read bad things about your culture. I think that people who say those things have not traveled enough because they should know that there are all kinds of people in every culture and if you judge buy one or two bad experiences, then you should stay home and speak to those who think they understand.
      I know I wont change people's minds over a simple e-mail, but I also know for a fact that those who judges, has not experienced. Go to Quebec, especially in august, stay out of big citys (as I recommend for any country)and talk to people!

  12. Great to read that you can use your Visa Card for fuel. Please post if you get charged any foreign transaction fees when you get your credit card statement. We've heard that the bank can tack on an additional 3% for each transaction. Hope this isn't the case, although the convenience of carrying less cash may be worth it.

  13. Don and Kim...we bought 500 pesos worth at a station on Tuesday and they said they were out of paper for their Visa machine so couldn't give a receipt. So we just paid in cash instead. No, I have not seen any foreign transaction fees using the Visa card, and it's at about the same exchange rate as using the debit machine for cash.


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