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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Acapulco (day 3)

We didn’t waste any time this morning, and headed out before 9:00am to see if there were any other parking spots for Sherman that looked decent for a couple of nights. We walked south towards the airport.

Usually when we come across a really good spot, Ruth and I look at each other with the same thought…”That would be a great parking spot for Sherman”. The problem was that we just didn’t see anything that stood out as great. We ended up asking at two different places, one was a paintball games place, but it was sort of run down and a fair bit of garbage lying around. We walked in there and called out for anyone, but there was nobody there. And the other was a private residence where we were going to ask to pay to park in their gated driveway. But the only person there was a worker, so we didn’t press the issue.

One of many condo buildings that have been partially built and then work has stopped.

We walked to the main road near the airport that goes down to the beach. It’s a nice road with a bicycle path running down one side. There is a lot of construction on large resort type buildings that has simply been stopped. Quite a few half built condos and hotels. I guess the recession affected the money flow to the resort areas as well.

Finally made it to the beach, walked in the sand barefoot, and dipped our toes into the Pacific Ocean. We have been in Mexico for one month on Sunday, and this is our first view of the ocean so far this trip. There will be a lot more over the next month or two though!

Walking back along the beach was nice. I wish we had Whiskey with us at that point because she loves the beach. Beaches in Mexico are all public property. However access to the beach can sometimes be difficult. There are public access points, but not very many so we continued to walk until we got to one and then walked along the road on the other side of the hotels and condos. We are not in the downtown tourist area of Acapulco, we are on the southern edge by the airport where it is mostly newer condos along the beach. A lot of them look fairly empty, and there sure weren’t many people on the beach.

We took a bit of a short cut to get back to the Diamante Trailer Park and it involved walking along a dusty trail with a lot of garbage on it. It is weird how the resorts and hotels care about their own property impeccably, yet the property next door can look like a garbage dump.

In between the dusty trail and the trailer park is the entrance to the Mayan Resort hotel. As we rounded that corner, a guy speaks to us in English asking if we would like to have breakfast at the hotel. We figured pretty quickly that this was a time share pitch, and happily took him up on his offer. Our only mistake was that we accepted his offer too quickly because we probably could have got some cash out of the deal as well. But we were tired from our 8km (5 mile) walk and just finished walking through a trail full of garbage so when someone offers you breakfast and a day pass to a resort for free, we jumped on it!

So that’s the deal…at 9:30am tomorrow, we get to go for buffet style breakfast at a top rated resort and have full use of their facilities for the day. After the breakfast we have to do a tour of the grounds and a sales presentation that in total will take up to an hour and a half. I’ve got it figured we’ll try and get a two day parking pass for Sherman somewhere along the way! Never know, but I’m not counting on it.

In the meantime, they fixed the internet at the trailer park. It’s working, but it’s slower than dial up, so no big deal. We’ll continue to use our internet stick.

Watched a movie tonight…”Machete” with Steven Seagal, Lindsey Lohan, Jessica Alba, and Robert DeNiro. The others you can understand, but DeNiro should be ashamed of himself. One of the stupidest movies we’ve ever seen.


  1. Hope Sherman finds a place to park. Wondering if the water was warm in the ocean? Just being at the ocean is a great feeling even if you don't go in for a swim. Enjoy the time share speel.

  2. Margie and Roger...We hope he finds a place too! The water is nice and warm. We wouldn't have a problem swimming in it at all. Felt really good on our tired feet yesterday.

    Kevin and Ruth

  3. That is the only thing I miss being here in SMA the ocean,,,,,enjoy these times and the good times when your son arrives..oh by the way it is your fault I don't go out nights....too busy reading your blog from when you travelled back east trying to get tips!!!!!!Be safe Les

  4. I sure miss the ocean! Something calming and peaceful about it, that makes me relax.

    Good luck with the presentation (today), we did that once and it was quite fun. They are really good salesmen and could very well talk you into buying!

    Yah you're right, NOT. HAHA.

    Have fun anyway (on them!)


  5. The fact that they don't care about their neighbor's trash is called "the fortress mentality". There are books written on the theory.

  6. Looks like a great place. I hope the sales pitch is good and the breakfast even better!

  7. What a great empty beach! Good luck on finding a parking place.

  8. Les...Thanks, we will have a great time with him. If you would like more reading....our travels from Ontario to Vancouver are on our old website which I haven't had time to transfer over yet, they are at www.mytripjournal.com/kevin_ruth and start at the beginning.

    WBY...We love the ocean too, but like to have a variety.

    No fear in us saying yes, we are very good at saying NO!

    Chris...Yes, we have heard of that before, we still find it hard that they just don't SEE it. I guess it is just one of those mysteries.

    Randy and Pam...Breakfast was good so was the beach and the pool. I think I started to fall asleep half way through the sales pitch!

    Chuck and Anneke...The beach almost seemed deserted on Saturday morning, but definitely busier Sunday afternoon. No luck with the parking place.

    Have a Merry Christmas everyone.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey

  9. We thought the better possible free camping spots were south of the airport.


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