Out for a walk beside the Ottawa River in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada!
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Heading to Nova Scotia around August 1st.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Puerto Escondido (day 3)

Definitely a better sleep last night. Still up just after 7am though along with the roosters and the dogs. Not much to report on today, other than going into town to make some Christmas phone calls back to Canada.

Cellular telephones in Mexico are very reasonable priced compared to Canada, but long distance calls originating in Mexico remain quite expensive. So rather than calling from the home telephone here or a cell phone, we took the collectivo into town where we visited a telephone casita where they have discounted rates. At this place, calls to Canada were 2 pesos (17 cents) per minute. Normal landline rates to Canada can be as much as 5 pesos (42 cents) per minute. So we called our daughter Lindsey in Nova Scotia, and my Mom in Ottawa. We tried Ruth’s Dad just outside of Ottawa, but there was no answer.

We were invited to another dance tonight but I have a full blown cold now. Alex's cold seems like it's pretty much better now though, so hopefully I'll get rid of mine quickly. And Ruth and Alex both decided they weren’t really up for going out tonight so we just looked at some pictures on the laptop this evening and relaxed.

Didn’t do much today, so don’t even have any pictures to share with you! Tomorrow it sounds like we’re going to the beach for the day, so that should be nice.

Off to bed early tonight…


  1. Sounds like you're all partied out for a night, so you must be having a great time!! Hope your cold improves so you can enjoy the beach!

  2. Hey guys, what happened with Whiskey's paw?

    Glad u had a good christmas!


  3. Rick and Paulette...Yep, I think partied out, pretty much says it all. Mary has keep us on the move. Kevin's cold hasn't improved although he did come to the beach and we just relaxed.

    WBY...Somehow or other Whiskey lost a claw (sorta like if we lost a finger nail from the base), not sure how it happened but it was on Christmas eve and she was stressed by all the noise from their fire crackers/works but we noticed it after I took her out before bed and when she jumped up on the bed I noticed her paw was all bloody. We have had it all bandaged up and when she's outside we put a plastic bag on to keep it dry and clean. She seems to be good today, she even came to the beach with us today.

    Kevin and Ruth

  4. Awww the price we pay for partying at our age :)...feel better soon...looks like you had a great christmas...poor Whiskey...our Lily also stresses during fireworks...in Myrtle Beach last winter there were fireworks every night on the beach...she was panicked to say the least..kept hiding in the bathroom...take care..hope her paw is better soon
    Elaine and Rick

  5. Rick and Elaine...Thank you very for your comments on Whiskey and Kevin. Hopefully with another good night's sleep Kevin will start improving and Whiskey is doing much better. It will take a while for the new claw to grow back in though. It is hard when they stress and there is nothing you can do to help. Have a great New Year's!

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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