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Monday, February 20, 2023

Wandering around Mirleft, Morocco

In need of some exercise, we decided to hike up to the old fortress overlooking the town of Mirleft. A nice enough day, with a high of around 22C (72F), but still with that odd haze in the sky.

There's not a lot of information available online, but it turns out that the old fortress really isn't that old. 

There are conflicting reports about whether the fortress was Spanish, or French. Both countries shared colonialization of Morocco at the time, especially in this area. It looks much older, but most say the fortress was only built in 1935.

Ruth at the entrance.

Looking down on the town of Mirleft.

The prison? Or stockade? There are bars on the windows in this section.

And then we walked back through town, and picked up a couple of groceries along the way.

Back at Max, we had some lunch and then an afternoon nap. Later in the day, we went for another walk, this time along the coastline.

This guy was fishing from way up on top of the cliff.

Weird rock formation.

Today, there is supposed to be the weekly market in town, so we'll wander over and have a look at that. Then maybe walk down the road to the next beach.

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And in Canada...

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