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Sunday, February 26, 2023

We finally saw goats in trees!

We set out just after 10:00am and ended up doing 13 kms (8 miles) under beautiful sunny skies. Back just before 2:00pm, so we were gone about three and a half hours.

It's a really interesting landscape in this area. Lots of big boulders and odd shaped rocks. 

Here's the view as we were leaving Max...

We are surprised that this nice little spot isn't busier.

Looking back at the mountains behind us.

The trail led us to a little palm grove.

Like I said, there are some odd rock formations.

Me, and the view looking back where we came up from.

Such a perfect day!

Heading higher.

And higher.

Scenery along the way.

We got up over the ridge and this was the view looking forward.

Now that's an odd looking boulder!

I better go check it out.

There was a hollow section inside.
It looked natural, not man made.

Too funny.

Down in that valley there are hundreds of RV's.

Zoomed in on some of the motorhomes.

I mentioned the other day that there is a big area here similar to Quartzsite in Arizona. No services, just find a place to park. Although, the town seems to have embraced the idea and apparently charges 15 dirham ($2 CAD, $1.50 USD) per night. There is a modern dump station in town, and trash bins.

Ruth and the view towards town.

We finally saw goats in trees!

We had read about this odd attraction in Morocco. Apparently goats love the small fruit produced by the argan tree. And they are such agile climbers, they can actually climb the tree branches to reach the higher fruit. We've been keeping our eyes open for this, but hadn't seen it until now.

We walked through the big camping area.

Once again, mostly French, but some Dutch, Belgian, and German rigs.

Actual full service campground at the entrance to town.
Ruth liked the doors.

Tafraoute itself is one of the nicer small towns.
Likely because of the influx of cash brought by the motorhomes.

We stopped to by some veggies and I noticed the shop owner had his lunch on the go.
The clay pot is on the burner called a tajine, and is used to make various Moroccan stews.

Zoomed in on the Lions Head Rock.

The Lions Head Rock is an area attraction. Some say it looks more like an orangutan.

Almost home.

What a great hike that was.

Today was supposed to be a rain day, but now they've put it off until this afternoon, so we're headed out for another walk this morning.

Nice deal on this Iceman Countertop Ice Maker.

And in Canada...


  1. What a beautiful area! It does look a bit like the southwest US, except for the palm trees!

    1. It is a beautiful area, definitely our happy place! Great scenery and lots of hiking possibilities.

      Yes, the palm trees are really the only difference, even the temperature is similar.

  2. This is all very interesting to me....the geology, of which I know nothing, in particular.
    And as for the goats, you needn't have gone so far. Any place in TX that raises goats can provide a similar scene. I looked up where you're from...I guess Saskatchewan isn't a big goat raising area. Ha. Glad you are enjoying it, and thanks for all your photos and narrative.

    1. The scenery is this area really is beautiful, we love the mountains and the palms trees.

      Lol, we are going to have to go in and update the "About Us" section of the blog. We actually are not from Saskatchewan, we were just based there for 5 years. We are originally from the Ottawa area, Kevin from the city and me from the countryside. So yes, we have seen goats, in fact my best friend's family raised goats but I never saw any of them climb trees or even heard of goats climbing trees before. I think the first time we heard about this was when we were researching for our first trip to Morocco back in 2017 and I came across a picture on the internet of goats in tress so I am glad that we finally got to see some in a tree. lol!

    2. Ha. OK. I'll bet the trees in Ottawa are too tall for a goat to low growing limbs. Very glad you are having a fine time! And a milestone: goat in a tree. They will climb on a car too. But probably your goat raising friends were aware of that tendency.....OK. Keep on enjoying!

    3. Yes, they probably were too tall! They had lots of things for the goats to climb on. I loved going over there when the goats had their babies, the little kids were just so cute and fun to play with and cuddle. In British Columbia there is a country market that is very famous called Goats on the Roof and you guessed it there are often goats on the roof.


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