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Friday, February 24, 2023

Now this scenery is more our style!

We were fine at our wild camping spot except that it got quite windy overnight so we didn't sleep the best.

So we got up at first light and drove for a little while until we got a cell signal, then pulled over to have breakfast.

We only had about 84 kms (52 miles) to drive, but it's pretty slow going. It took us an hour and forty five minutes. 

Looks like there are some mountains in the distance...

The backroads of Morocco.

Scenery along the way.

They sometimes put a decorative gate at the entrance (or exit) to a town.

The road is deteriorating.

The paved part is only wide enough for one vehicle.

Good thing there isn't much traffic.

Woman on her donkey waving to us.

We turned onto a more major road and followed this Italian motorhome the rest of the way.

On the back of their rig, it says "Attention. This vehicle contains an endangered species. Retirees."

It was a little congested getting through this village.

Getting close to the Anti Atlas Mountain Range.


Now this scenery is more our style!

A small palm grove along the way.

As we approached our destination, the road deteriorated further.

Lots of motorhomes and vans come to Tafraoute. The scenery is spectacular, and there is a camping area similar to Quartzsite in Arizona where many camp without services for a minimal fee.

The road between Tafraoute and Ammelne is in good shape.

There are also quite a few regular campgrounds here. We chose a place about 4 kms outside of Tafraoute in the village of Ammelne, It's actually a small hotel that has a quiet RV area with room for maybe eight rigs. It's also really cheap, at 55 dirhams ($7 CAD, $5.25 USD) per night including electric.

There is a lot of hiking in the area, and lots of exploring to be done. We can see ourselves staying here for a few days.


And in Canada...


  1. How do people make a living in the those little villages? I see no crops nor livestock. Unless they are very very small holdings. Not visible except from close up.

    1. To be honest we really aren't sure how they make a living. There are some small garden plots in some of the areas and most places would have chickens and I am sure that there are quite a few sheep and goats around. Living in the desert like some of these places is definitely hard but for the majority of these people have have never lived any other way.


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