View from the cable car in Da Lat, Vietnam.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Da Lat, Vietnam.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Flying to Vinh, Vietnam on February 24th.

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

If you don't show up early you may not get a site.

On Sunday, we drove a few more miles south, to the village of Ounagha where we found the pleasant Olive Tree Campground.

We are actually trying to visit nearby Essaouira, but Essaouira is not motorhome friendly. In fact, there are no campgrounds at all within walking distance to Essaouira.

It was a nice enough drive, but the road is very narrow in parts so you have to be careful with oncoming traffic.

Leaving Safi.

Traffic circle in Safi.

We passed by a busy hay market.

Hay for sale.

The Atlantic coast.

Scenery along the way.

Not the best road.

The road ahead.

The focus isn't the best, but can you fit any more onto this truck?

Arrived at the Olive Tree Campground in Ounagha around 1:30pm. It's a fairly big place, with 50 sites. But it's popular, and I've read that if you don't show up early you may not get a site.

Max, parked up at Olive Tree Campground.
We are not in the nicer section, but it's fine.

It's 125 dirhams ($16.25 CAD, $12.25 USD) per night with electric included, but the price drops to 115 dirhams ($15 CAD, $11.25 USD) if you stay more than 3 nights so that's what we're going to do.

Ruth, checking the temperature of the beautiful swimming pool.
But it is very cold!

A few sites opened up in the nicer section the next morning, but we decided to stay put.

Mostly French motorhomes, with a couple from Netherlands, and a couple from Germany. Surprised that we haven't seen any from the UK yet because I have read that quite a few UK motorhomes would be on their way to Morocco this winter to extend their time away from home. Since Brexit, they are now only allowed three months in the Schengen zone countries, so their time in Spain and Portugal is now limited.

We went and wandered around the town of Ounagha...

The local steel fabricating guy.

A lot of horse and carts around.

The dusty side streets.

Ruth made a delicious stuffed chicken breast for dinner.

We're going to end up taking the local bus into Essaouira, but not until tomorrow. I think today we are just going to hang out at the campground and relax. 

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And in Canada...

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