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Saturday, February 18, 2023

The rundown fishing village of Tifnit

The rain stopped by noon, so after lunch we finally got out for a decent walk. 

While the campground itself is nice, there's not much to see or do in the area. The only real option is to walk down to the beach and fishing village of Tifnit. It's about 14 kms (9 miles) round trip, so it's a bit of a hike.

But, we were due for some exercise...

There's not much to see along the way!

There is a parking area used by motorhomes and campervans.

We've learned that while free camping is illegal in Morocco, there are some areas where the ban is not enforced. It seems the further south you get, the more likely they won't bother you.

Notice there isn't much of a blue sky. It wasn't cloudy, but there was some kind of haze in the sky. It was kind of odd. (And the same haze is still here as I write this morning).

Fishing boats in Tifnit.

Tifnit is a kind of a run down place.

There is a definite hippy/surfing vibe to it.

But probably half the places are abandoned or unoccupied.

Ruth, exploring the rock pools at low tide.

This thing was alive. No idea what it was.

I guess some of these places will eventually fall.

We spent some time wandering around, and then walked back to the campground. We did just over 14 kms (9 miles) and were gone about three hours.

Some people obviously spend a month or more at this campground, but we would be hard pressed to do a week. Good that we all like different things. It was fine for waiting out the rain, but that's it for us. We're moving on this morning.

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