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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Preston, Lancashire, England.

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Thursday, February 16, 2023

Looking forward to Ireland!

We've always wanted to go to Ireland. Especially in a motorhome. Our friends Glen and Steve did it a couple of years ago and they said it would be right up our alley. Especially the west coast section called the Wild Atlantic Way... a 2,600 km (1,600 mile) coastal route with fantastic hiking scenery, and loads of free wild camping (boondocking) overnight spots.

And so with that in mind, we have booked our ferry to Ireland!

We depart Bilbao, Spain on May 7th, and dock 28 hours later on May 8th at Rosslare Harbour, Ireland.

Ferry route from Bilbao to Rosslare Harbour.

We'll have about two months in Ireland. Knowing us, that probably won't be enough. But it will have to do, because we will then be spending most of July and August in Scotland, England, and Wales.

The ferry wasn't cheap... €401 ($574 CAD, $430 USD) for the one way trip for Max and two adults in reserved seating. You have to book either a cabin, or the reserved seating. We felt the cabin was too pricey, although I've read that sometimes you can get a much discounted deal on the day of sailing if they still have availability. We'll see.

And, we're excited to have been invited to an Irish wedding. On May 25th we will be part of the Canadian contingent at the marriage of John and Barbara, readers of this blog who live near our home town of Ottawa.

But, we have lots of time left in Morocco yet. Daughter Lindsey and grandkids Cameron and Sadie are arriving here March 7th for two and a half weeks. Then April 14th we will head back to Spain and take some time driving up to the north for our ferry crossing to Ireland on May 7th.


And in Canada...


  1. Wow - wouldn't have thought there was a ferry from Spain to Ireland.

    1. This is a pretty new ferry route that started in November 2022, although there was a freight vessel that sailed between the two ports but had very limited services for "holiday makers". They saw a need for the ferry so they decided to open this route to a proper ferry service and we are glad that they did. :-)

  2. This will be a nice trip. My niece was married in Ireland three months ago. Fantastic scenery.

    1. We think it is going to be an excellent summer ahead of us. Sounds like you need to come over and visit your niece sometime soon. ;-)


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